Online Forex Trading

Nani kwa kijiji anaelewa hii biashara? I’d like to know how it operates and how to make money from it.

Pitia kwanza ujifunzie huko, kisha fungua dummy trading account na any of the forex trading companies ujaribu your trading strategies utajifunza, kampuni kama exness, tafuta pesa kidogo uwekelee huko… I think kuna mahali nimepotea

@denis young njoo saidiana hapa


Nimekuja. Lakini kitu nimecomekurealize ni ngumu sana kupeana advice story za Forex. Si biashara kama zingine. Wacha anzie huko babypips juu that is where all learning begins. How do you tell someone that profitability in forex is less than 5%…hehe. Kila mtu ako na journey yake and you learn from mistakes more than you learn from books or articles.


ahsante bwana kdf…


@denis young Asante

Profit less than 5%? Really? Somehow I doubt that but then again I’m no expert. Let me hit babypips as advised

Let me tell you the truth, there’s 95% probability that you’ll fail in that venture. But wacha nisiongee mingi sana.

Leta hekaya

I studied books, traded demos, discussed strategies, tamed my greed…but in the end, I realized it was a zero-sum game. IMO It’s just an advanced form of betting. There are some people who make money (just like in betting)…but majority are those who lose. Every cent you make is obtained from another losing trader. So yes, I know there are a few people who are making some money over there, but very very few. If you are the curious type and want to experiment, only invest what you can afford to lose.