Online dating

Saa zingine Mimi huwasha app store, na download tinder kuona vile kuko and shortly after napigwa na reminder ya mbona I deleted the app in the first place.

Other than my success story in Rwanda I realize lightning doesn’t strike same place twice.

I’m 5’ 11", 79.5kgs of pure lean muscle. Jana I met up with this lady who I thought looked good in her photos. Problem is that I can’t deal with midgets, dame anacheze 5’ 4" kwenda chini tunawachia akina @Jirani. Uzuri anakaa poa but itabidi aongeze urefu.

In real life maze afadhali unaona kitu unapatiwa live live. Kitu saffi.

Dame wengi online hukaa chokosh in real life. Don’t get me started on bait and switch ya Nairobiraha na wasapere wanasema ni waTaita… hiyo ni story ya a friend of a friend for another day.

I have met with two chics off tagged. Kwa profile wako poa sana. Lets say vitu kwa ground ni different. I still smashed them for wasting my time then wakakula block after. I then uninstalled the app. I rather meet chics in day to day life. Hao wa online majority look different on meet up

hakunanaga wasee hutafutanga online relationship

ni kudagger na kusonga banae

Same goes for men. Whatchu see is not what you get.


Mimi tagged nime pewa number na dem. Kumbe ni ndume catfish. Kuingia WhatsApp status ni ndume. Ilibidii ni download hizo pikcha zake ndio hutumia profile pikchas in online brothels.

That is a Savage payback.
I think the next time I attempt to look for someone online I will definitely register in a site with a subscription fee.

Nani mwingine ako na ushuhuda?

Ktalk ni bure… Fungua DM uone Kama Mimi ni catfish

@Starscream kuje upeleke hii first batch ya ushuhuda national archives tukingojea waumini wengine wajitokeze

:D:D huku DM’s ni kama walking on eggshells.
You never know when you will wake up to 100 mentions after someone leaks a private convo.

PS: That Rwandese hekaya was poignant. You let a good woman slip through your fingers hivo tu.

I always used to frown upon online dating and all that that comes with it but I have changed my mind…over the years. My friends are happily married na watoi na wali-meet huko sijui Afro introductions. I think online dating is something we will all need to accept as the norm tho it can never beat face to face meet ups. But je hata hizi face to face meet ups utajuaje kama huyu mtu ako na profiles huko online dating sites…a good example is most of the talkers I know for real now do not look or behave like their online personas…and they say the same about me…

Prob as you say is people posting picha zao za kale which should mean they are not genuine in the 1st place therefore a red flag!
One of my closest friends here is on Tinder. She is a single mum, very educated and quite wealthy in her own right. She dates different men in her search for Mr Right and there is nothing I like more than hearing her escapades over a cuppa, quite hilarious…coz she is witty too. Haki the way they are put thru the hoops…na kudumpiwa vilivyo:D:D:D:D.
She told me about a Zimbabwean midget nilikufa:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. Walahi @Ka-Tony tuletee hekayas mufti.

Mimi vile nimeconiwa sioni nikiregista halafu nilipe subscription fee. Wacha niendee karomaindo what you see is what you get.

mimi picha nilieka yangu, kama mtu ako na shida huwa anakuja inbox tunasort. I’ve met a few talkers too na hio ured pill ni ya online tu, ni normal people, mimi husema kama sura ni personal ni yangu sasa nitaianika proper:D:D

Haiya, you mean talkers meet? What are the circumstances…

Siku moja ntaleta hekaya apa vyenye nlifanya mtoto wa kitaita akapanda jambo jet from Mombasa to Nairobi ndo tuende naye Dubai kuishi.

leta saizi

Cunt relate, online dating in Kenya is for wimps.

Kama bado ukona picha yangu tumia huyo sigo mother who is quite wealthy.

She is a good woman no doubt but distance sio mchezo. Alikuwa American height…

Ndio unaona saa hii nacheza na midget.


:D:DNiweke nione kama it matches your posts.