Online and street cons

Many talkers here Led by keypee muhoozi @Jimit assume am the biggest fool which I partly disagree .
I am a shags guy with little technological prowess but one thing I can assure you is I can never be conned by online and street thieves .
Talkers trust no one . That’s my first rule. Those beggers you see on streets I heard some are affiliated to devil worship and you may find yourself rotating in endless calamities for helping such . Not retard but this is common knowledge from old folks which they instill to Young folks .
Now my main concern is online cons.
@Jimit has made me notice their is a cartel which has niched on talkers because of him tagging me endlessly .
That has made me the kitui crocodile come to the rescue of foolish talkers .
Here is the rescue:
How stupid are you talked to help online strangers of which many may be ktalking at kamiti? Even a fool knows the world of today is full of vimpires preying on the weak.
If you feel you are Soo philanthropic , start with helping your parents and siblings , immediate neighbours and to far extend help your true relatives and friends you grew with.
Am sure majority of affected parties haven’t exhausted helping those near them.
Meanwhile I felt sympathy for @Nyonganexol Monkane issue which was brought by @Jimit . It’s sad that a sick man was conned by a dog and I understand a sick man can do anything . But also if you feel sick share with your real friends whom you know and grew together confidentially . I repeat never seek health problem solutions from online strangers . Assume the conning quark who treated monkane injected him with dangerous chemicals to cover his tracks would we have known ?
Guys be illiterate like pharmacist but make sure you don’t part with your money or anything.

Ongea sasa kikamba

Don’t make me go retard on you paruya .tulisema wakamba na waluhya ni brothers .

Pole bro

Wacha kunikumbusha about that incident. I wont take advice from anyone in this forum again.

Who conned you? Expose him to protect other elders or you were lying

Only greedy people get conned online:D

Hii thread ya kuuza/kununua dawa ni kama ilinipita. Nisaidiwe na link ya hio thread tafasali

I exposed him before in another thread. @Jimit know him but if you missed it, here is his handle.

hii ndio dairekt translation from Kamba to engrich :D:D:D:D