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There is that one page online apart from k-talk slum i can’t miss before going to sleep. That is GMB akash facebook page. I love pictures with stories behind them. first page being Humans of Newyork which someone recommended back in k-list. Check out one of their stories:

[I]Whole day my wife fights with me. My life became hell from the moment she came into my life. If I smile she suspects, if I remain silent she suspects. All the time she asks me what am I hiding from her! What can I hide? She is there to check me twenty four hours. We works together in the same field. Because of her talkativeness I talk less. She continues to pollute the sound. Last year she fall from the brick pile while she was carrying twenty bricks. She broke her leg and was severely injured. I was up for nights to take care of her. But the worst was she could not be like before. And I could not breathe because she could not talk properly. I can’t explain how much I cried in prayers for my wife’s health. I want her to become like previous and want her to scold me all the time. I want her to suspect and check my pockets. It took one year for her to recover. Now she can walk and talk well. Every morning I asked her to scold me before I leave for work. I never knew I loved her meaningless fight this much. Without her fight my life is meaningless.
2.‘A wonderful day is, when you get an over sized jacket that you may use in several coming winters or if you can get some half rotten food which is still eatable, or with all these, you are lucky to get a broken piece of toy to play with your dog! Sir, today is this kind of wonderful day for me! A day with lots of wonders! ‘

– Shiplu, a homeless child who lives in dump yard
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to hell with the humans of new york. si tuko hapa tuko war na iebc.