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Renown Webpreneur and Web Flipper, is proud to announce the release of, a new website marketplace. is a simple listing service that allows the easy buying and selling of social accounts, websites and domains. Tukuuzie is not an auction place. It’s far too different in terms of design and function compared to other similar platforms. However, the concept of buying and selling is made easy. Interested buyers can contact the sellers directly. It offers authenticated registration, auto-approval, RSS syndication, and cheap price of $9.99 for a 30-day listing. I am not imitating other platforms, but I am highly motivated by their success. I am aware that they are the biggest competitor, but it doesn’t scare me.
Website flipping is when you a buy an online account, website, improve it, and then sell it at a higher price. The secret to website flipping is to be a good researcher and to find the right buyer. Most flippers already quit their full time job and decided to focus on flipping instead. If you get lucky and if you know the ins and outs of this business, you can earn enough to quit your day job. You have to know which sites are worth the money. You have to wait for the best deal that you can get. Don’t settle and try to know as much information as you can on the site.


Currently, website flipping has become a success in USA, UK, and Europe. wants to promote flipping in Kenya and Africa at large , especially in Kenya that is why was created. is currently being promoted through link building, PPC advertising, and online marketing. If you have a social media account, website, mobile app or freelance account that you’ve been wanting to sell or flip, please visit or email [email protected] for questions.

Good idea given that trying to sell websites that focus on Kenyan local content on international platforms like flippa is challenging .
Lakini hio listing price , I think iko juu , taking a percentage of the sale I think it would be a better idea.

atleast leo umeeka thread iko na akili sante sana

Nice feedback, appreciated & acknowledged for review

work on grammatical errors like “for sell”… it’s “for sale”

Proofreading, thanks.

So you are website flipping…
What value is there to the end buyer? Can I get accounts where Im basically taking over their online business and model? Or it’s a name and website with a current customer flow?

Everything queried is captured in that system. Only features established accounts that have already transacted or made monies.

What’s your deal? Apply that question to anything that might clue me in


That listing price is very high… considering that there are other such platforms with free listing (except for the high scam manifestation rates), your charges give us no choice but to deal with scam

Thanks for the feedback
What’s your suggestion on that?

Totally get it! Quality comes at a cost, but let’s brainstorm solutions.Thanks for sharing your thoughts! By the way, for some outside-the-box ideas, check out Athina Digital at They’ve got the scoop on navigating the digital landscape!

Have any other platforms wowed you with fair deals? Let’s share insights and level up together!