Ongoro Yuko Ndani, ... Ya ANC!!


They had the chance to infuse the party with new ideas when akina Ababu and Mwaura were vying for SG and DSG wakanyimwa na MIB, atleast Joho alipenya but the modus operandi has not
improved, the Presidency is up for grabs lakini majority bunge na Senate itakua Jubilee.


I knew the day would come when, after months of singing us the NASA chorus and telling us how the tsunami would wash Jubilee away, JaKuonists would try to console themselves by saying that the disintegration of their still-born vehicle was another master move from the Engima.

We who have studied JaKuon to masters level know him better than all his admirers. A hyena cannot help but bite.

True, that day in Kasarani was a chance to tackle the demons of 2013, but JaKuon’s inner core can never relinquish the 5-yearly gorgefest that nominations brings.

unamaanisha you have a PHD in Railogy?

Yep!! Twice as big as Joho’s two bechelors put together.:stuck_out_tongue: