Ongoro Yuko Ndani, ... Ya ANC!!

[SIZE=6]Blow to ODM as Mudavadi’s party hands Ongoro ticket for Ruaraka MP seat[/SIZE]

Big question: haven’t they by-passed nominations and awarded a favoured candidate a free ticket the way JaKuon did in ODM?

Big opportunity: Jubilee should conduct very orderly and democratic nominations in this Constituency and take advantage of the ODM/Wiper/ANC/FORD-K split.

It is really none of your effin business

@Karis empty head:

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It was very humiliating for her


Let them continue cannibalizing themselves, splitting their votes gives the Jubilee candidate a massive headstart.
But it seems she had long prepared for the eventuality[ATTACH=full]94468[/ATTACH] .

Care to explain?

Fallouts after nominations happen all the time, anyway, I doubt she can beat TJ Kajwang in Ruaraka. He is a strong candidate.

Ongoro is also a hooligan/mafia huko… but with both candidates running Jubilee may take the constituency… badala ya Passaris si baba angepea huyu women rep to avoid all this fallout. Passaris was not even a loyalist to begin with

It would have been a much bigger blow if she joined, okay, not Jubilee of course!, but if she joined Maendeleo Chap Chap or PNU, or ile chama ya Martha Karua. Lakini joining ANC, ni kama bibi akipigwa anatoka bedroom anaenda sitting room, eti hivyo ametoroka na kuanza kurusha matusi kutoka huko. Bure kabisa hii mwanamke!

remember if they both run for the MP seat the NASA votes will get split

Yeah! But from what she alluded to, her intentions are to make NASA remain intact!

I doubt it, especially kama presidential candidate wa Nasa atakuwa mmoja. It won’t cause that big a split considering the area in question is predominantly dim-eyed (Luo and Luhya).

Umeona wame back date ili siku ali join, may be hii ndio trick ya ku avoid that IEBC gazzete rule

They will split the MP votes, that’s what we are talking about and Ruaraka isn’t predominantly those you mention.

ruaraka wards


as someone here said, Passaris’ pussy was tighter and sweeter than Ongoro’s

Yes it is, I know what I’m talking about.

ODM doesn’t care about split votes. They actually presume ODM is a superpower and will sweep away all the votes.

Strategy yao ni poor, they handle serious issues very casually.