Ongoing Laikipia-Samburu County C77 Rumuruti - Naibor - Maralal Camel Derby Road construction

For those familiar with the 100kms Camel Derby Road between Laikipia and Samburu county should be happy to know that its construction is ongoing well. Fully funded by government under KeNHA. Jubilee maendeleo moto Kenya nzima.

Project ya baba na kibaki

Nice try, the road construction was tendered in April 2014 after the floods damaged it and some bridges washed away. It was also in poor condition so a decision was made to do the whole road at once.

@spear, do you have the list of all the roads the government intends to construct in Uhuru’s term?

That list is just too long and it will need i speak to moderators here first to work out on the practical way of uploading it here not to mention the time consumed. First there is the new roads, different types of road repairs and lastly schedule maintenance. In one financial year they are in the 100’s and that is just KeNHA, let alone KURA and Kenya Rural Road Authority. Just check this out, there is a reason why CS Macharia was saying there are road projects across the country in every county and every constituency and even now most wards.


sasa Wasamburu wamejihami wasinyang’anywe mashamba?

Hapa ndio speculators will shift to. Buy an acre for 10,000 and wait. in 5 years sell it for 150,000.

I was in maralal the whole of last week travelled on monday morning and came back on sunday…boarded a bus(Lorry FH kama 1960 za kayole) at 1am to Nyahururu and made a connection nikafika nairobi 10.30Am…

The construction distance that has already been covered from rumuruti i can estimate to be about 50km! kuna so many diversions na places which are yet to be touched the road in those section is so bad, bumpy considering those lorries discomfort nilifika kama nimebeat deadly! on my way back though it was at night and i sat in the cabin withe the dere it was so comfortable…na gox ilikuwa imeshika na ma story kibao! so i barely felt the journey. i loved the town, two clubs which i sampled, Bones 3D was not sooo bad, ate one sambuch(sheng ya huko) atleast to mark the register!

as i type niko wote, makueni county…huku pia lazima nichangamkie mcumbersome…al report the findings, wacheni nichape wera kwanza! [SIZE=2](hii hekaya ni refu i hope haitaniletea TATA)[/SIZE]

@spear just curious…the last time I checked road coverage was only 1% tarmac,so where are we at presently

@Lifeist has just mentioned he was there last week and they have done 50 kilometers so far so that’s around 50% done.

ooh I meant nationwide not that bloody one.

1% kwani the last time you checked was 1969. I don’t know the exact figures but its definitely not single figures, President Kibaki started the road constructions drive and President Uhuru just made it into overdrive.

Manifesto says 10,000 km

Yes on annuity program but there were hundreds more projects on the schedule and a lot more added by current government. All these proceeded, went to tender, were awarded and currently ongoing. Then the constant road repairs either major or spot check and finally maintenance. The major difference here is under annuity 10,000kms program the successful firm designs, build and maintains the road for 10 years after completion. They just pick up the brief from ministry and quote price keeping in mind they will do everything from commissioning Nema report, relocations and coordinate with NLC on land acquisition. KeNHA, Kura and Kenya Rural board design, commission all reports and handle land acquisition.

Great job. Umenikumbusha my days driving on that road in my beat up Toyota ae 91. Puncture kwa road at night, elephants on the road at Suguta marmar, bandits and all. I knew the mzungu who started the derby Malcolm and his Ugandan wife sadly dead now both of them.

I needed a breakdown ya hiyo 10000km nione ka angalau za kwetu zko kwenye orodha.

Read somewhere that south sudan has only 200km of tarmac.
Enyewe those guys can’t be serious. Wanapigania nini tbh. Enyewe it’s sad considering Kuna watu hizi barabara za Jubilee are being taken for granted.