Onesmus Oyugi (what a name) ule karao alipiga journalist during curfew in mombasa amefutwa kazi

Huyu sasa atarudi kwao kisumu dala and become a fisherman. Assistant wake atakuwa mjaka @deorro.

More to be fired.

This is the making of a hardened criminal…

I don’t think firing that cop is fair. Lakini angepelekwa kule Kapedo. In my opinion that is the best punishment for all errant officers wenye their crimes are not serious enough to get them fired. Ukitoa hii nyang’au Mombasa town uipeleke Kapedo he will have time to rethink his life.

Wangepea tu yeye suspension with no pay

Big big mistake. They should just have suspended him but I guess Joho ndio ameskuma afutwe.

My thots exactly

Good. This is the only language rogue cops understand. More should follow him…

Whoever fired him made a masses driven decision, which is wrong if making sober judgement is anything to go by. Huyu angepelekwa tu North Eastern ama Lamu kwa alshabaab, those hardship areas, hio ingekuwa enough punishment.

hakuna suspension hapa…ni PR tu…dude will be incorporated in a different but deadlier police unit( does kwekwe still exist?) and moved far away from mombasa

There is a negative side to firing cops for such minor offences. These guys have to deal with bonobos on a daily basis. Their job is not as easy as you guys think. Firing cops for such minor offenses makes it hard for them to do their job and kills morale. It is a delicate balance.

Si wangenda watafute preachers Wa sooth people out of the street?

Exactly, if you fire jamaa kwa kitu ndogo Kama hii, how do you expect the rest to operate. Watakuwa wakiona raia wakiibiwa na wezi ama kupigwa na wanaacha. I highly doubt if the above story ya jamaa kufutwa kazi Kama ni kweli

Kapedo is his second home, hawa gsu huenda rotation every three months, ametembea all hotspots. Hii Kenya anaijua ndani nje.

We stand with oyungi,bonobos lazima kiboko itembee ndio zifuate sheria,

Haya basi. Awekwe huko permanently for 5 years bila rotation. Kuna njia mingi za ku-punish GSU without kumfuta job usimalize morale ya wenzake. Unpaid leave for a few months pia inaweza fanya kazi. Ama aambiwe arudi Kiganjo or whatever aanze masomo tena na recruits. That would be the ultimate punishment.

Akwende huko. Nobody can blackmail or hold the republic hostage. Akuwe criminal aone moto.

What message will you be sending to the officers he will find in those areas? Think

You are delusional… cops protect their own.

Napata point yako, infact sending him to the hardship areas is also wrong. No action should be taken on this officer, mkubwa anafaa tu kumwambia alienda extreme, next time asitumie force mingi. Otherwise, he was just doing his job but went a little overboard

Hii dunia hakunanga mtu indispensable. Unaishi na ujanja.

Harassing a journalist who is just carrying out his duties is a small offence in your books? You are a worse bonobo that the ones you are calling out.