ONEPLUS Phones, Wacha zikae

After oreo update camera quality has gone bad/down… Pics are blur and also the earpiece volume has reduced drastically, unless uweke loudspeaker huwezi skia huyo mtu mwingine. Was thinking of upgrading to Oneplus 6 but wacha ikae, narudi kwa Samsung na uzito.
@Deorro and @grandpa are you guys experiencing the same

Yako ndio in shida. Mine is fine even after update

Watu wa xiaomi wanakam. Watu wa infinix na tecno wanaleft

watu wa iPhone tucomment wapi before hii mvua ifike

Get yourself a HTC U 11 plus

Samsung s7 will never grow old.

It is old

Still fantastic, i can nolonger keep upgrading my smartphone each year, I lost that battle.

Me too:D

Comparing s8 to s9, the differences are quite subtle. Why would a Kenyan spend all that money for a minor facelift.

Many S series enthusiasts said the most revolutionary of the series was S4.

I couldn’t agree more, though the s6 edge was a game changer too.

In my opinion new phones are more about evolution than revolution. Kama edge for example: ikianguka iguze hard surface na hiyo “edge”! Kwisha. Screen? 30k. Kaa uko na bahati.

Jealous people’s proverbs

Until a guy using a kabambe pulls next to your probox in a Brabus. Then it becomes jealous people 4real

Halfwits always try to create unnecessary arguments, look at the context jinga

it’s already outdated

Well, imma keep it

“why would a Kenyan” are Kenyans too poor to afford new phones? why should how others spend money concern you?
S9 has better soc, better camera and better design than s8.

My nigga what’s your point? It’s wise for me not to spend an extra 20k for say an extra gig of ram or an extra inch of screen if whatever i own serves me right. And Kenyans ain’t poor hio ni yako. It’s very important to understand the context before commenting