one word for this dude .


…and where are the kids?

He is fucked ,but the baby mamas seem happy meaning they are all benefiting. He can have a fourteensome if he wishes

Benefiting from where? That guy is a nobody.They are hiding sorrows.

Isn’t that @poyoloko together with his daughters? The highly prolific pig births simultaneously on each gestation period

Commentate on your fat mubaruhya wife. Muchinga wewe.

Jamaa ako tu sawa.

Akuku Danger

That’s a 15-some. Could any task be more life threatening!

The fact that they are there… Means he provides… Una weza pata ni jamaa wa wash wash huko… Akona besha…

Two women are more than what most men can handle. Huyu labda ni watoto anataka, to extend his influence and perpetuate his seed, kama Solomon wa Biblia

Bora wajunior hawatakuwa mang’aa ako tu sawa na akuwe @Father Figure kwa kila mmoja wao.

Wanawake hawananga akili bana.

Nothing good comes from being surrounded by many women, unless you’re using some witchcraft, they will kill you.

They’re probably looking for a reality show. That’s the only hope for this godforsaken family

Why does he look like he sent man to Mars…having many kids and finding it as a big achievement that you go on TV is some bonobo shit …there’s nothing commendable on what he has done coz making kids is the easiest thing to a healthy man

[SIZE=4]I doubt he has conducted a paternity test kwa hao wote.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]most likely he’s being milked in rearing some other guy’s bastard/demon. [/SIZE]

Jack of all trades, master of none. NBA players with their hundreds of millions stop providing at 5 women.