One question to seal the deal

Say for example you met a boy or girl and at face value he/she looks perfect.

What is the one question you would ask him/her that would seal the deal depending on how they answer it?

are you also from wakanda?

Kindly , define seal the deal…

Where can I get a year’s supply of exotic /imported maigoya?

Their is no perfect question, every person and situation is different. Its all about the experience and moment. You can say let’s have kids and she says no or yes but its the beginning. Hapa you just have to show how serious you are about it by action and speech for a while for it to move to that direction.

Lastly their no one perfect, its mostly lust or love for now until it wears out. Friendship and respect are what will carry a couple over the distance.

@jaro soja leta mbisha za tissue on offer…

Inateremka ama haiteremki.
Akijibu nitajua.

depends on the deal
me staki wife/ gf
so nataka wa kukamua ya bure
the question would be “wana sleepover?”

Kuoa senji! Ama whatever comes close to that

If you’re the guy, “will you please marry me?” If she says “yes” the deal is sealed.

What she does for a living. That alone can give away a lot of things about her.

Which came first, chicken or egg.

Not really. Anaeza kuwa big fish career-wise but a veeery shitty human being

Do you have kids?


mother’s union ama thong…

templa wewe ni dem ama mujamaa

Ulijuaje mimi ni dame, wancle?

Hehehe lkn mzae how does this even seal the deal haha…