One of the most successful YouTuber families in Africa.

Google says that in a good month this family rakes in kshs. 500,000 from YouTube alone.

Saa hizo you havent added the dozens of companies that today brand their shenanigans.

Believe it or not these kids are in the millions game.

Got married in 2017. One kid.

K.U graduates and former hasoras but today an online sensation. They have a major film production company by Kenyan standards that does major work.

Hii upus unaona hapa inaweletea millions.

Na wewe bado umelalia maskio trumpistan

Google says? Wapi link. Payment from Google ads may not even reach more than 30k monthly. They mainly eat from businesses that advertise through them

hapa africa google imetupea rank ya chini sana.
tuko kwa category ya others.

Depends on views and amount of content you put out within the monthly set period. If at the least a 1000views will give you USD1.One million views within that timeline will give you USD1000=roughly Ksh100,000.That is in Africa(mark the word at least) majuu 1000views=USD13 and up depending on the type of ads and the total viewed period/number of ads viewed or clicked.

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That’s why am saying in Kenya if you must eat outside YouTube otherwise you will get frustrated. 500k from youtube is a lie

Na wewe uliuza nyuma miaka ngapi?

People out here are so gullible. This is a couple, meaning their travel budget for everything is double, from plane tickets to bus rides. They have to pay for visas, they have to pay for their videos to be edited. There’s obviously no way a channel with less than 200 million total views is making anything more than 50k a month, and thats on the higher side because travel vlogs is probably the most saturated YouTube category therefore views are worth less. Back home they have rent and other every day bills like you and me, to be honest I dont see them making more than 20k off YouTube per month on a good month. Don’t be fooled that just because you see someone on YouTube, TV, etc that they’re making money, that mentality was for our parents because during their time you had to be someone to be on tv. All these kenyan vloggers you see on YouTube are not living the life they want you to believe, and those that are have had to sell more than what they show.

I mean, who the f*uck has ever heard someone say “I never wanted to go to Dubai, until I saw the wajesus family” that alone tells you how low ranking even their marketing value must be

The trips are sponsored by Bonfire.

The visa too? What about their insurance? And what is bonfire getting in return? They’re a business too and want a return for investing in them.

Nothing in this life is free my friend, even freedom

@JonerThan tupatie experience yako ya earnings za YouTube. Not shitting on a thread bila evidence.
Mimi sina, so sina msingi wa ku criticize or support.

Wewe kama unalook upto this Youtubers shauri yako but we will not have our opinions trampled on simply coz you want believable stories

He has just stated facts. In YouTube you are paid according to the ads viewed. How many Kenyans view ads to the end? Kwanza wewe si you usually ruah to skip ads

Type of boring shit I’d never watch. More power to them to be convinced that people want to watch boring ass couples enough to launch and sustain their channel.

Ive had several YouTube channels, ran 3 on behalf of someone else. All failed due how impractical people’s expectations of YouTube is. I did mine in my late teens to early 20s. All those failures led to the lessons I’m able ti post here. I’ve had many unsuccessful business and a handful successful ones, not just pulling rabbits out my ass

Air ticket and accommodation is sponsored.

I don’t know what Bonfire gets in return, but they’ve sponsored most local celebrities to foreign trips including Eric Omondi and his Italian girlfriend, Bahati and his wife etc. Even Vera Sidika and Otile Brown.

Ata huyu jamaa anafanana na Uhuru wamekimbia kumpatia deal.

Actually, I think without Bonfire, Wajesus family wouldn’t have any content to post. If you’ve watched those YouTube videos, they advertise Bonfire deals at the end.

I’m trying to understand what they did in May 2019 and moved from kshs. 52,000 to kshs. 182,000.

And since they started working with Bonfire it seems they have grown by leaps and bounds. And this is just one revenue stream that they are exploiting.

And I have heard that some local Kikuyu Christian musicians make far much more online revenues than waJesus family.

Exactly what I was asking for. Clears the air.

Thank you.

:D:D:D You were looking for consolation that others aren’t making it?