One of the Best Sex I ever had

When you sit back and unwind especially during a holiday like today, most of us tend to be introspective, with a bottle of your favorite scotch in tow and reminisce the good old days, the one that got away, the high quality romping sessions you’ve had and the fantasy bucket list you still have unchecked. Well today, my brain navigated to arguably one of the best sex I think I ever had and decided to share the experience with wenyekijiji.
Prior to her visit, I had begged not to come because I had a roommate who had 50% equity of our small cubicle back in campus, and I didn’t want to render him homeless for an ubiquitous amount of time. Additionally, both of us already had ample share of ass from regular campus chics, which included fleeting sexual encounters not longer than an Empire season 3A series. Therefore, I saw no reason for her to come and jeopardize my tantalizing flings, so I stubbornly demurred, but with gentle persuasion and a sensual voice describing how she will suck my love pole while tickling my taint for a week I demurred. I mean who wouldn’t?
A month and a half later, obviously after overstaying her welcome and being the reason for my 1GB wallet size it was time for her to go. During her stay we had embarassing abd amazing intercourse ranging from being a two pump chump (imagine during her period) to smashing for 2 hours on end while hangovered on a mixture of 2nd generation liquor and petrol laden weed-ohh sweet campus life.
She had gone to visit a relative for 2 days then come back and bid me goodbye after being her for a period a time traveller wouldn’t even reach, am talking kiloparsecs. While she was away, I got Malaria, best thing that happened to me. When she came back, I had taken some few pain killers and was relieved off pain but she insisted we go to the clinic which I obliged after a lengthy argument of how I don’t mind being sick. Silly me.
Some cheesy comic by Zac Efron and Michael B Jordan she had come with, I can’t the name was playing while she was laying on my chest and I was cursing how I could be sick at this goddamn time when it was her last day around. Especially with how gorgeous she was then, she had changed 70’s feminist lesbian hair and put a more modern, afro style, with hair shimmering and falling like a waterfall of liquid gold. Her face was adorned with the right amount of make up and she smelt like fresh organges , you know the bright coloured ones that you would gladly eat without peeling them off because they smell too damn good. She was radiant. At that moment she was my sin, my soul, the fire of my loins, my lolita.
She welcomed it with confusion and excitement, and asked if I knew what I was getting into, I told her, the feeling was stronger than my Malaria or the drugs that were in my system as is slowly worked my left hand on her smooth flat tummy heading to embe dodo sized perky tits. When my hand grabbed and squeezed her tits with vexation, she let out a deep sigh and I knew it was on from there.
With the movie at the 12 minute mark, our lips locked and our wet toungues entangled each other like fighting snakes. The electric charges rising through my nerve system were strong enough to light up a star and collusion in our mouth can only be equated to a supernova. We somehow managed to take each others clothes off while our mouths were interlocked and in no time my lips were exploring her pinna and ear drums. Feeding off each other’s lust and burgenoing sexual energy, I worked my tongue down to her neck, while my hands were nudging her thighs and racing down to her toes, then repeat amid small moans of my nickname being hurled.
Like a painter smearing new sensations on her body, I decided to up the ante and give her an out of the body experience. I lifted her put her back on the wall and her ass on the upper side of the couch then I buried my tongue in her clitoris and started eating it like the 90bob GoK Ugali. She wrapped her legs around my neck while scratching my back and all I could feel were my nerves playing tiki taka with a heighted ball of pleasure. I was really eating this pussy, her seductive clamours could even alarm strict nyumba kumi neighbours. As my lips were piercing through her clit, my hands were on her boobs, now with erect nipples and I would rub those nipples till they were red hot then reach to her mouth have her lick it and make slime, which I would use to cool down those nipples giving her body a butterfly effect of explosive please and making her twist her leg around NY neck like she was climbing a fence made out of barbed wire. Girl almost asphyxated me.
She was enjoying this alright, and I was too because my stick was now harder than cold nipples, ready to fire tomahawks on her. However, she was even at a more turned on that I was because by now, 30 minutes into eating sweet raw sushi, he clit was throbbing and she thick warm, greyish-whitish juices were oozing from her opening. I knew it was time to lay it on her.
Being a bedsitter, with my neck hurting like hell, I simply lifted her from the couch and threw her to the bed with a dominant look in my face, she spread her legs intuitively and I dived in there, because I already had a condom on, I don’t know how it got there, it must have watched and got excited and just jumped on my dick. I gently slid my stick in her and removed it then seeped it again like when you use your toothbrush. I could tell she was enjoying it because 8 strokes later, her pupils recedeed in her head and her cornea, the white part was the only visible thing, her opening had washed soaked my stick with the juices I thought this condom was made by Ariel because it looked like thick foam. I pounded her for 10 minutes straight and had the urge to bust, but slowly reduced speed because I wanted to test her limits, she was clearly about to pass out, but could she die? That would be a lot sexier that’s what was on my mind. Death by dick. Great.
I composed myself and surpassed my carnal desire to let out a big one and continued smashing, now her moans were gradually getting sweeter like NASA theme song, mambo yabadilika-and true stuff was changing, her legs were shaking uncontrollably, her back was arching at at acute angle of 45°, Lo and Behold. I was really enjoying this sight. I had to order her to shut up and not make any sound as I dared her if she made another sound then God forbid ill erupt like the volcano from ice age. She would try to hold her sound, while tightly holding both lips together until she couldn’t do it anymore then she burst out with teary eyes “aki babe siwezi nyamaza” and id allow her to moan for 30 secs then back to STFU.
We switched positions she rode me about betraying her ineptness, then I took charge and jack hammered her like a rabbit for 2 minutes straight where I had to endure slaps from her, which she later said she had no memory of.
After 1 hour of smashing, I felt like Thor because I had subdued the urge to burst like 4 times and now it was becoming serious as I was chasing a but and I couldn’t find it. I had to throw away the Ariel Made Condom and go raw. She was now in a trance asking me questions like where are we? Are we in Mexico? And I was having none of this balooney as I was busy chasing the four escapee nuts. With all my might, and mental strength that could stop time I felt one building up as her walls started caving in an grasping my stick ohh, boy, here we go…She wrapped her legs around me in a UFC finisher move, with her arms tightly clenched around my neck and let out a big scream, I knew this was it. I squeezed my buttocks and savagely pushed a big one load out like the great fire fighters with their hose pipes as she shuddered, and shakes like an epileptic then pushed me out and squirted all over the floor and she just fell down. For like 10 minutes no one said nothing as I was in my own delerium as well. More craziness followed as she started throwing stuff at me, her shoes, pillow etc. Later, after fully coming to, she said she could not remember any of the last 20 minutes of the sex.
Needless to say, she cooked me a dope ass meal, bathed with me and in the bed, while looking straight into my eyes, told me am the best ever, and it was the best she ever had. In my mind I was just thanking the new Viagra pills with the pseudoname Malaria Pills that I had just discovred.

hahaha hekaya murwa kabisa.

Kwanini unatumia viagra ndugu?

Soma hekaya fiti…siyo Viagra per se kaka. Izo dawa za malaria zilinipa stamina ingine apo ya rhino

Sawa kaka.

OK. Ariel Made Condom ndio gani. asking for team dryfry.

Nice one… Partly because I relate to most that experience.
You haven’t shagged a girl enough till she she starts mumbling unintelligibles and she can’t remember doing all that afterwards…

Carex Power shot condom.

From then, I haven’t looked back ever…my goal is always to smash a girl out of her senses. KT threshold can wait.

KT threshold (7 rounds I presume) is not the real measure of delivering the goods.
Sometimes, half that tally does the magic…
Quality over quantity any day.

Hell yea! Kwanza all this happened with just one (4 for normal mortals) strong round. Na ju ya iyo story nangojea hekaya yako.

Nice one. Engrisch on point

team fisi hahahahahah

:D:D:D Lazima

Nice hekaya despite the numerous typographical errors.

A cunt job for 30 minutes?

Lol first sentence was a disclaimer, drunk typing mate

What if I told you my personal best is 1hour non stop. Am after y’all souls.

No lock jaw? :eek:…okay…

I’ve gone for around 30 too, once.
And then I realized most females don’t even deserve it.
Nowadays I just get straight into it like Mandingo