One of our own Alpha spreading the gospel

@Finest wine please share this with your women chama group

Si kwa ubaya but why do you hate women?

I carefully looked, and no lies did I see

Anyone naive enough to argue with that is beyond repair

@poyoloko there goes your answer

@poyoloko = fat homosexual = @T.Vercetti


Lakini pia tukuwe realistic. Hizi vitu ni za internet tu. Kwa ground vitu ni different ajab. Single mothers are getting married every weekend wakiwa hata 40s.

Uwongo! Yes, kuna single mothers wamepata watu lakini sio 40 year olds.
Not in Kenya. Or there are very few cases.
Wanaume siku hizi wamekuwa wajanja.

What do you expect from the same guy that goes around beating people coz he has muscles??

Must be stupid… women are not only sexual beings… there is more to a woman than sex… if you consider her only as a sexual being, then your crazy theory holds… if you are a critical thinker, you know that is too narrow a view to display to the world on Twitter…

Why didn’t you invite villagers to your wedding?
So mean of you.

Ghasia captain save a whore ungana na mchawi Raila muammend BBI mseme men can marry women at infinity ndio singo matha waishe.

Kwani what kind of women do you interact with, the bitterness is palpable

Those things shouldnt have existed… And if they had to, they should be pets and village dogs should be treated better than them

Heshimu Engineer aka Baba aka @anon46421834 aka AU Rep for Infrastructure Development aka Inncoming President 2022 ghassia

Rao ni ghasia hot air mnyambo Tu. The late ken okoth did more than hii greedy mongrel he did in more this mchawi in 20 years in kibich.

Hakuna kitu kama hio. I don’t know where you guys live. Kwa ground watu wanaoana

Anything above 24 issa no for me. I can’t also engage a woman with a child. Taking care of another man’s nut needs special grace na Mimi sina hio nguvu. But that doesn’t mean ati men aren’t marrying single mothers leave alone women above 28. Even in their 40s.

Kwani ni mimi nilikuambia usikuwe fit? Hii gyming haitaki hasira