One night he was dining with Obama & the next day ....

Next day reality kicks in…back to his kawa slum
Adios guys that was my last post. I had to do smthng to release steam/stress frm bae

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We said… don’t post your photos here. …:slight_smile:

He can make it from there, as we say’ ’ poverty does not have roots.

If it was Kibaki we would have said he was ‘mean’. But Obama is an orangutan, so he can do no wrong…


Angeenda na business proposal or application za uni 5 copies asambaze saa hii angekua mbele.

Ni safi kama pamba…

Obama ni baba yake?

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Bitch ass nigga was on that Dinesh D’Souza documentary (Obama’s America) bashing Obama venye ye analanguish in poverty yet Obama is the US president, kumbe ata hawajuani on a personal level. Kende ya siafu sana hii George Obama. Cheki hio first photo, Huyo hafai kupewa cutlery. Anaeza weka mtu moja kwa kisogo