One Mzungu builds 100 boreholes, Ruto launches 1

@Ndindu I know we have a perennial case of #NIABM but not this acute :disappointed_relieved:. This is the equivalent of Joe Biden launching a Cessna 150 instead of a B2 Spirit.


I get vindicated every day.

The amounts stolen every day are enough to 3 to 5 public boreholes in every ward in Kenya.



We should have boreholes every 600m radius,

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Hapo sawa

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Where is the lie

unverified names of boreholes and fake philanthropy don’t believe anything said on the video because he didnt mention any is just clout chaser hyping for views

We deport that mzungu for embarrassing hasora mchapa kazi.


Kenya tuna ujinga mingi. This young boy can come and upstage the entire government. A whole ministry employed to do this work, CS, PS, CD, STD you name it. Such a thing would have taken 20 project proposals, 10 Feasibility Studies, 100 workshops and 10 times the actual cost, if it came to be implemented at all. Hizi nyang’au za serikali, they’re busy warming their seats and plotting how to steal.
Kijana anatokezea, just does it.
Doggtari @rexxsimba our consultant witchdoctor kwa kijiji and your apprentice @KuwaitBabe nina swali. Nani alituroga?


A simple answer to your question …
Look in any mirror …

In our case , blind , confused , conflicted , illiterate , juvenile , poverty stricken , desperate multitudes were taken captive by Bottom Up Wheelbarrow Shareholder Hustler Conmen , clowns , First Daughters , Mistress and misfits and seduced with empty promises of magical prosperity

Tugeges woke up before dawn in 2022 and headed to polling stations like lemmings and empowered 2 thieves to chart our destiny until 2027

We don’t need a dysfunctional State machinery to show us what to do

We can start simply , slowly , effectively and efficiently to help ourselves individually and in groups …

  • community tree planting and cleanups.
  • water harvesting with simple community Sand Dams.
  • building Swales , Gabions to prevent erosion and improve ground water supply.

And if you don’t know how , just copy and paste what other nations are successfully doing

Minister will be on a first class ticket wengine business for a bench marking trip to Israel na Egypt then baadaye Riggy g will go there to do fake yoga.

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A white colleague of mine once asked me why African leadership are always in Europe begging and they live better and enjoy bigger perks than their European counterparts …???

I had no answer …:disappointed:

Real Vs internet= internet win since most of you are lazy and easy tobelieve in "Hear and Say "!

In Case you are not aware …

Ordinary Kenyans and foreign volunteers are quietly building several Sand Dams without political fanfare and government help …