One minute I am having the best time of my life..the next I am having palpitations!

I am wondering whether something is very wrong with me…
over the past several years I have been having these events that leave me wondering whether alcohol is not for me… or maybe nakufa soon!
I go out to a club…say I am gonna gonna have a seemingly easy evening; light beers etc…then the party gets pumping, music, skimpily dressed slay queens and kungurus out of the blues who seem to be genuinely interested and I have suddenly ordered not one but at least three JDs or Black Labels! (probably the point where I believe that I am trying to impress some chick as someone said here…
The thing is, my hypothalamus makes me (at least in retrospect) always without fail end up tell me to call call and hang out with some familiar “safe” company of women I have known before and whom I know take always advantage of me (think of it as I am in fight/flight mode)…By the way, they are always somehow ready and available, sijui huwa hawana plots?..
The thing is I wake up the next day quite late, my heart racing and dreading all losses and accidents I have caused, and if it is the days that I used to drive (tx to uber), where I lost the car this time. I never remember what happened beyond a particular point during my indulgences though seemingly i was functional the whole night…
And I wake up feeling my heart racing like I am doing 100m for the next day and a half… I am too fucked feeling that everybody saw what a fool I made of myself (in fact the only thing stopping me from going out again for a awhile)
And I promise myself I am too old to be going through this shit over n over… then next three weeks niko pale pale
Now wadau, anyone experienced this kind of sh*t and dawa ya kutibu huu ugonjwa ni nini?? I hear this village has doctors for kila kitu.
And I dare not divulge to the peasants of this village how muchI blow on a night like this…just know it s a combination of all my outlets ya pesa…

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Drink water… Lots of water

Seems yoy are trying to make up for other things. Question? Do you get with girls easily out of the club or without getting them drunk first? It looks like you are just trying to feed on the attention they give.
The treatment? If that is the case, which I doubt you would admit if it was true, dress your best and head to a club. Buy drinks but don’t get to drunk. All you need is liquid courage but still have clear speech. Approach a fine girl and do your best to endear her to you. Go to a dark corner of the club and buy her drinks and snuggle and snog to your hearts content. Rinse and repeat.

Leave alcohol alone. Your body is talking to you. Listen to your body.


jug daniels si pombe

Problem is not the girls, problem is that you’re spending so much on nothing, hence the palpitations. When reality hits you the next morning, consciously or subconsciously, the heart will do 200kph

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Small dick syndrome

“Holiday heart syndrome.”

Holiday heart syndrome is an irregular heartbeat pattern presented in individuals who are otherwise healthy. Coined in 1978 the term is defined as “abnormal heartrhythms sometimes following excessive alcohol consumption; usually temporary”.

Listen to your inner voice, just quit what your instincts are telling you to quit.

@karl marx unasumbua.
You are the only one who can control this. How will villagers stop your legs taking you into the club.


Give me a small loan (Ksh 500,000) niboost fiachara as u ponder ur next move. :D:D
Meanwhile, during our basic soldier training ( btw am a retired soldier) we were always reminded that the obstacles we see in life are all a creation of our brain. Just know how to deal with the temptations. Otherwise, get urself a permanent girl, make her ur wife, atakula pesa yako ndio but at least ull know u have invested in her. The groupie u are currently rolling and balling big with will exit ur stage the day utakua diagonised na a terminal illness na umefilisika…Make a firm decision like a man now.


What you’re feeling is very normal and you are ready to go the next level. Kunywa saidi bora upate bibi kwanza kama hauna, umueke vipoa to the best you can afford. Then drink like a mehn na unabeba ya kutoa lock coz ukiacha, what are you planning to be doing instead? Or atleast drink until you get a wife then you can stop if need be…But usiache pombe kama bibi hajajua wewe ni mkunywaji. Then juu ya iyo advice uniitie fombe and I show you how we do it.

Shida si pombe. Shida yako ni haujui kukatiana


I experienced this once nikakimbia hosi i thot my blood pressure had gone up kumbe ni matatizo ya pombe . We had mixed almost everything called alcohol under the sun

There is this faga who won 1 million a month ago and he spent all the money in 2 weeks time akinunulia watu pombe na makunguru. he would play pool ya hata 5k per game and spend almost all day there. he now looks depressed and lonely all friends flew when the cash was gone. if he had a wife am sure it would have been a different case.


Hi @okebe okebe
[SIZE=1]@chebukatineza hii nikipata nitakurushia half a milli…you guy my guy![/SIZE]


@Guru kulienda aje kwa exams?

Me thinks wewe hunywa kwa pupa…that means you take alot of alcohol within a limited period of time. Drink in moderation and take some water in between. Make sure you eat a decent meal (sio chips) before drinking and you will be just fine.

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drop alcohol for three months, see if your body will feel good. These things will always be there, your body won’t. so relax, give it a break, n may be you can get back to the party that never stops.

How long have you been drinking?
How many years have you experienced this?
Do you usually get a severe hangover?

With the above, Dr. Memyself will give you a correct diagnosis.