One Golden shot

Finally,you reveal the sexual magic bullet. Communication. Before,during and after sex.
But warn them too that this does not apply to those who ferk maliars… The wham-bam-ma’am ferkers. Neither does is it apply to wankers like former retired wankers cahirman @kush yule mnono. Pamela does not need serenading.

This applies to those with khupipis,galfriends and crushes like me…


Hahahahaha word!

Hi @A.G.



Hahahahaha Grey worm fever…

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Kuna vako flani mi hutumia ni kama kucombine shot 1 and 2. With that you can pound that stuff like 30+ min. Mara mob kuna vile dem huruka kando akipata nafasi coz akishacym hadai kuguzwa bt someone has to make a mark you know

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Way to go bruh!

Mi hukam time time nataka kucum. kwani niko job ndo nishende nikikaza nikama na fast.


Are these the faces @Claire ?? :D:D

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Ask the clairvoyant:cool:

A guy has just given most of you the secret to the best sex there is and mnaringa?? My round using skills that guy has given you (for free) lasts anywhere from 20 to over 30 minutes depending on how much time we have. Each morning night cant come quick enough.

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Are you so shy…unaongea na parables??! Nkt
Why Don’t you just say kabuda has said it…what do you mean “a guy hapo juu”???

obviously the fellow who posted this thread - That Guy Thrill

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