One God Or Many Gods? God(s) = Aliens

What you call God and go to church or mosque every week to pretend to talk to is actually aliens. Aliens have been snactching humans for thousands of years. Enoch was one othose snatched by aliens and taken to another galaxy.


Kunywa maziwa ya ngamia…

Provided they created the universe and gave their only begotten son for our salvation … i don’t care about who they are

Allens are a creation of human imagination

Elohim is plural.

Enoch build the pyramids.

Who is Enoch and where is the evidence that he was snatched?

They should have delt with the cause of your need for salvation

The father of Methuselah

Am so deep in this rabbit hole of ancient aliens mpaka i think i can write a book at this point.

Never met him either


I read Zachary Stitchins books about how ancient sumerians worshipped annunaki gods Enki, Enlil na Marduk trust me karibu niingie box but you never know maybe they are the fallen angels kwa Noahs flood.

But read it in Revelation (dread, dread, dread, dread)
You’ll find your redemption
And then you give us the teachings of His Majesty
For we no want no devil philosophy
A-you give us the teachings of His Majesty
A we no want no devil philosophy

King Robert Nesta Marley

What is an alien?

I’d like to read it

A Mexican…


In our case that A- of 84 goat fvcker

A god

And where did that god come from?