One final word to the queen

As a talker what your final word as they put our captor 6 feet deep ?
Let’s put it to a poll …

After 60 start preparing to die. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Life is phenomenal

In 50 yrs time, those tombs shall be raided for their gold

mtoto wa ule racist whitewalker


Dedan kimathi Saa hii anafinya huyo racist queen with niceness. Kafinyeee hako kashetani.

The arabs (and portuguese) were on the east african coast since 1500AD and the only thing they brought was slavery. The british came in 1890 and found people still walking naked and brought them civilisation. So RIP to the Queen. Queen alifanya kasi buana.

That senile should follow it’s mother to hell ,racist cunts

It’s expected from a snitch bootlicker , have you not checked the way your god have snubbed that black man ? Check @uwesmake post na uwache usenge

We condemn but we would have done the same. It is an end of an era.

Honestly, why do we use so many resources on dead people?


Asalimie Hitler wakielekea fucking hell

[SIZE=5]Rest in Piss[/SIZE]


Truly Africans are afraid cunts and whoreship their captors .
May she rot again and again in hell

And employed your relatives as kitchen Toto’s wearing kaptulas.