One County One Product Will Only Become Another Pipe Dream. NIABM

If this was to be implemented then after 3 three years make it One County 2 Products then Kenya would slightly tame the Dollar, but as of now we continue to import even the basic of stuff such as toothbrushes and Electrical tape.

We should set up a quota system such that each county MUST produce a certain amount of Product ABCD e.g

[li]Makueni must process and ship out 5,000 Tonnes of Dried Mangoes to the rest of Kenya[/li][li]Nyandarua 4,000 Tonnes of Potatoes[/li][li]Uasin Gishu 1,000,000 Tonnes of Maize and Animal feeds[/li][li]Nyanza 3,000 Tonnes of fish fillets[/li][li]Turkana 1000,000 barrels of crude oil[/li][li]Kajiado 100,000 tonnes of beef[/li][li]etc[/li][/ol]
Start with basic food items then phase two we get onto manufactured goods.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Suggest 47 Items that are currently imported but can be manufactured in Kenya

Then the National government shall allocate funds to those counties based on them meeting the required thresholds

  1. Muranga ni 1000 lanyes to rifarodi

I would change it a little just so not to stereotype areas with commercial activities eg fish from Nyanza. Nyanza is a extremely fertile place. Why can’t they grow all the wheat required for Chapati. And as Kenya, we really need to move into value addition. Cloth that we use( eg for uniforms) comes mainly from India. Such Factories can be opened there.

Cotton is itself an industry. Falls in the same category as Oil Palms, Coconut Palms and Bamboos.

Cotton is used to make fabrics
Cotton seed is processed to make Cotton Seed Oil and the residues are used to make High Protein Animal feeds called Cotton Seed Cake. At the same time if cotton is planted in close proximity with legumes it helps to ward off certain insects, there is a compound that it releases that aphids don’t like.

The Coconut Palm is one of the few plants that can be utilized fully. From its roots to its leaves. Same case with Bamboo.

I would manufacture offroad vehicles for export to rest of Africa given incentives by the govt. However, siwezi jaribu coz as things are, every busybody govt agency will be circling for a slice once the first car rolls off the assembly line. Sio KRA, KEBS, NEMA, WRMA, WARMA, NTSA, KENAS, County Govt, NITA, NHIF, NSSF na nimwchoka kitype majina ya kupe. I just can’t can.

True, Kenya kuna bureacracy na redtape mingi sana. Too many busy body signatures are needed to manufacture a matchbox

You cannot slay yellow yellow and dig out the truth at the same time, mimi onyango silvester siwesi lima shamba ata kama iko na obesity.

Which genius in the county government do you expect to run such enterprises when the fellows we elect have been employees all their lives with no experience of even running a soda kiosk and growing it to a wholesale shop? Don’t give me that ooh they are businessmen bla bla. Kuna tofauti ya kuiba pesa ustash kwa kujenga plots na kuanzisha an actual business. We need 47 Chandaria types for that to be realized. Do we got them?