Once You Divorce, Have a Beer, Get Laid!

How do spouses recover after divorce? Selective amnesia or forgetfulness plays a role in matters divorce. It helps us forget who hurt us. In as much as most heartache leaves a memory in our very hearts, we heal naturally and slowly via the same selective amnesia. If there was any little love left in our hearts then that is what we might choose to be reminded of, and soldier on with newer challenges like aging and diseases of old age. A loving heart might not remember the heartache. The pain acquires a special place only to an extent that it ensures that we don’t repeat the errors that caused the heartache. And love might choose to care little about negativity, especially when the source of the discomfort is miles away.

We are surrounded with better options all the time. Even when love is relegated to some fantasy levels seen in movies, a real world still remains stuck with its old form of attachment and endearment that our grandparents believed in. The fake romantic life should be a preserve of the lords of bitches, kings of beer and of drugs, and all others who live in a fantasy palace.

King Solomon, the husband, might have not been wiser at all if the wives had called cops on him for threatening the life of a child. That is what women in similar situation do in our current civilization. He dangled a baby by its feet, pulled out a sword, and threatened to kill yet he wasn’t arrested. Michael Jackson displayed or dangled baby Blanket on the balcony of a hotel in a “scary manner”, and many felt very agitated! However some parents still throw their kids up in the air as a form of entertainment.

Despite their Solomonic wisdom some parents still go down with depression and cry about their loss. Thanks to our money, beer, drugs and extra love from women and men out there; that keeps divorcees happy and occupied. Some eulogies and epitaphs would have been written for many, after speaking their last words on a life none ever wanted to live. There are a few out there who still kill themselves or kill their spouses, and even their kids whenever their marriage goes down the drain. The best counsel is lacking at such suicidal times. However the best counsel would be none but you, especially if you cease feeling entitled to what you never created, God did!


For you to divorce someone, they were not meant to be with you in the first place. Sometimes it is all about trial and error. There is no need for someone to soak up in tears and keep on hating themselves for something that was never meant to be. Things can be quite complicated at times but it does not mean that it is the end of everything. Love if it is true then it can never be broken. If you go as far as marrying someone only for you guys to break up later when you already have kids or maybe dont. Something was obviously not clicking between you guys. Better to be alone and happy than to be with someone in depression.

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