Once a criminal always a...

Basi hata Waigush mtamwuona tena kwa gazeti. After being released from prison this lady went back to messing with children. The irony is that her clinic is called [SIZE=5]Gatheca…[/SIZE]

Go figure.

[SIZE=6]REVEALED: Nurse in Caroline Mwatha ‘botched abortion’ was jailed in Deya miracle babies saga[/SIZE]

By BENSON MATHEKAFebruary 14th, 2019 2 min read
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Betty Akinyi when she appeared in court as one of the suspect linked to the murder of activist Caroline Mwatha at Makadara Law Courts. PHOTO | KANYIRI WAHITO

One of the six suspects in the murder of activist Caroline Mwatha Ochieng served a jail term in 2005 for participating in a child theft syndicate.
At the time, Betty Akinyi Nyanya alias Betty Ramoya was operating a clinic she had named Gatheca Estate Nursing and Maternity home.
She admitted in court that she assisted Ms Mary Juma Deya, wife to Bishop Gilbert Deya, to register births of “miracle babies” who were stolen from mothers and handed over to infertile couples.
Archibishop Deya is facing charges of child theft pending before a Nairobi court.

Betty Akinyi, who was convicted on her own guilty plea, served the jail term at Lang’ata Women’s Prison.
On Wednesday, she was among the six suspects arraigned in a Makadara court in connection with the death of Ms Mwatha
The other suspects are Michael Onchiri, Richard Ramoya Abudo, Alexander Gitau Gikonyo, Stephen Maina and Georgia Achieng’ Tabitha.
https://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/DNMURDER1302F-1024x576.jpgBetty Akinyi being assisted by to board a police vehicle after appearing in court. PHOTO | KANYIRI WAHITO
Police believe that she operated New Njiru Community Centre in Dandora, where Ms Mwatha is alleged to have died procuring an abortion.
According to police, the suspects were arrested in connection with Mwatha’s alleged botched abortion and disposal of her body at a city mortuary.

“It is believed that an abortion procedure was procured by the owner of the clinic namely Betty Akinyi Nyanya and one purported “Dr” Michael Onchiri alias Dr Mike,” said DCI boss George Kinoti.
Mr Kinoti explained that the investigators believe that Caroline died at the clinic before the body was transferred to Nairobi City Mortuary on February 7 at 4.42am.
“This is confirmed by records at the City Mortuary although the deceased name was captured as Carol Mbeki under tag No.1495. Records also at the mortuary indicate the body was brought by a motor vehicle registration number KBP 677B,” he said

Niliweka hii story yake hapa juzi pati.

Hehe wonders never cease

Lightning does strike twice. What are the odds?