On This Day Last Year.... (10/2/15)

Nilijoin ktalk 2014 b4 klist went down… @Kaluka ulienda wapi?

NV nyamaza na ulale

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Ol monk made you sign up.

That’s nice of you.


Exactly where I got the news from. I was doing my weekly login to that terribly boring site, then I saw that thread

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Boring!!! A theme less thread can go on slowly forever! And the contributors there have this exaggerated sense of know it all… Better Jamii Forums!


read that as “mbio mbio to post a scoop”…

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a few times i.ve been there i find the threads unnavigable…not user friendly…

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that day kuli introduciwa new rules za internet usage Kenya pia… so mimi nilithani ati klist ime zama coz watu wali bash fidel odinga sana kwa listing moja hapo… days later pia mimi nili kua invited to mkenya but it was a crappy site so niliasume pia ktalk was the same… watu kweli waliumia


In klost there was always an insider who would give a damning revelation to any story

I received a direct call from Admean.

puff power time?

Sisi tulikuwa apa enzi za when explicit porn was allowed here…my handle @This is Gold alikuwa anarembesha hio sector

Muchatha alienda wapi?

mimi @Lab kaka braza alinivuta na kamba mpaka hapa nika karibishwa kwa roho mkunjufu ingawaje kuna watu walijaribu kuniseti kwa @jamba huthu cant remember, wakapata mi ndo sugu senior…


I also joined Dec 2014 through klost someone put a link there and invited us to join. i joined with another handle but was still not very active so was still in klost. Until an inactive friend of mine emailed me and told me where the villagers were hanging out

As still around @Deorro …Nimekuwa chini ya maji siku mingi

You had some nice contributions kwa tech section

Am back now

This village is made of unique characters, who can’t mix well with the rest out there. Klist had influencial people in govtment like Crazy dude whi kept us updated on the latest events.

I also ignored the ktalk link thinking its another Mkenya online. But sometime in April last year decided to check found a post by Atheist ule chali ya mkorino na Boniface Wa cu. And some nonsense by couch potato joined. Bought a new phone this year couldn’t log in via Facebook, had to sign via a new handle.