On this day in 2020

One humble elder in this kijiji shared out her number and on this day in 2020 i oshad my little head.
All i can say to that elder is Asante sana…
The ass is soft and round. She is the only lady i have fucked without PNC.

Topista chocolater Tamu kuliko sunguch.

Afadhali nikatie mama fua

leta kondakts tusalimiane

Hii lazima nikule. How much was the service, and share number inbox please.

Pass the baton and let the food chain commence

No bana. Hapana!

@Kuna Vitu Sipendi kama hizi?


Mimi huwa mnanishangaza aki.

For those who want to be at the other end of the food web or is it food chain. Here is her number +254 715 499643

dahhhh…at times, mwanaume hii ndio nyama available

Yuko Kenya kweli?


Cover the Base

The last photo; was it taken in some deserted backstreet of Mogadishu?

Guys wacheni dhambi. Jana I saw a trend huko twitter about ‘chiero ndune’ (red thigh) and am glad many have realised that sex is spiritual; transactions of destiny happen at that level.

Most of these loose women carry demons which will destroy your destiny and lives. I am very excited when I read some of the elders deserting that life. They are a reservoir, since spirits can only function in a body.

If you are not in denial, you can’t possibly deny the adverse effects of this lifestyle. Watu watashangaa how come you are living like a pauper yet you have so much potential…and the Bible has examples, I will pick 2. @TrumanCapote will confirm if this is actual Bible quotation

1). In Mark Chapter 5 - The Mad man of Gadarrah
The man was destined to be a deliverer of 10 cities (decapolis). Satan, knowing this, sent a legion (about 6000 demons) into this man and he would cut himself with stones (habits of self destruction are evidence of demonic orchestrations). It took Jesus to get him delivered, and you will remember when they were crossing the sea to that side the devil had brought so much storm to prevent Jesus and the disciples from getting to him. Only that He is the master of the sea, air and earth.

2). In John 4 - The Samaritan Woman (Prostitution spirit)
This woman had been a destined deliverer for the city of Samaria, which was a great city. When Jesus delivered her, she became the evangelist of the city, and it was converted thanks to God using her.

Question: God ordained you to change nations and societies, and Satan has a glimpse into the size of your destiny, why are you selling that at the altar of 4 minutes of pleasure that you will immediately regret (PNC), in a dingy place littered with condoms, with a person you wouldn’t want to be identified with?

Absolutely disgusting

Hii ya mark chapter 5…i didn’t know

Sasa hii ni nini mnatomba kusema kweli.

I’d rather wank than be a bottom feeder. I respect myself.