On this day 58 years ago Organization of Africa Unity was founded. Happy Africa Day



mbona google search haijatutesa nayo leo?

guess we don’t atter that much or they know Africans themselves don’t care about the day

It had so much potential to do good. Instead it became little more than a dictators club, rife with corruption and worst of all, uselessness as it failed to rein in on civil wars, genocides and massacres.

It says a lot that in its current iteration as the AU, it has completely failed to stop the raging civil war in Ethiopia and the mass rapes and slaughter committed against the people of Tigray.


Enyewe sometime we cant complain when we’re termed as Bonobos…

Africa was left in the hands of homeguards and other eurocentric leaders. And those who attempted to guide Africa to the right direction were assassinated.