On the tattered economy, Kenyans are 6 years late

Eurobond 1 issued around 2014. Doubts started emerging how the funds were utilised However, anyone raising a question even here on Ktalk was immediately branded antidevelopment, Babuon etc. I have to give jubilee thumbs up for their PR strategy because the Eurobond issue faded quite fast but it will forever be a monkey on our backs.

In 2016 I argued here that the interest rate caps was not a good idea with examples how it has failed in other countries. Of course those who are employed would benefit by getting cheaper loans but the bigger picture was majority of Kenyans are outside formal employment and were not going to benefit. What is the current status? Majority of Kenyans who in 2016 would have gotten unsecured loans with interest of 23% are now borrowing from Tala, Branch, Mshwari whose interest is over 80%.

Warren Buffet said " When the tide goes out, you see who has been swimming naked" We’ve been swimming naked since 2015.

It’s now time ya kuchuna skuma. The only person who can rescue us now is IMF!

& when IMF comes, it means you’ve hit rock bottom.

it will be painful.


We are doomed and people will only see how ferked we truly are when uhuru retires and leaves his brother raila in charge.

Ni machoss

Is there any chance of the government being incapable of paying civil servants?

We are looking at a very bleak future. The wage bill and unnecessary govt expenditure is also not slowing down. Itakuwa kilio

I can’t wait for this country to collapse.

Civil servants salaries is not at risk. But what I know is a number of civil servants will have to go home & some taxes will be increased.

Kameumana mpaka kumeacha kuelewekwa na kutangatanga.
Wacha katambe. None wants to discuss 2022

With a prolonged pandemic yes. You cant borrow forever.

Even if they open up the lockdown and curfew?

The issue of downsizing the civil service has been on the table since 2015. It has never been actioned because of politics.

Chini ya maji there are people waiting for 2022 to vote for Ruto to punish Uhuru.

Others say they cannot vote for Mukhisa Kituyi or Martha Karua or Kivutha Kibwana because hiyo ni kupoteza kura

Mimi bado niko na pesa

Uko nayo kwa akili tu

Buda rusha Ma Euros za Monaco angalau tupigie mwili pole

if the economy is as bad as you put it explain how the dollar is trading at 108.5 as of today.

Bado mambo na shiny eye tumeshikwa makende kama ghasia

Bora ni pesa

Its called overvaluing the shilling, just propping up though temporarily by injecting fake dollars zile tunapewa na IMF to disguise its real fiscal posishen

Tulieni wacheni kusumbua.

I note msito David ndii is now talking of 7yrs from previous 5 years,let’s just say it will take 10 years of IMF austerity measures to get back on our feet.

What a great opportunity to educate the masses,Kenyans will be woke after that period:D