On the nature of God

Your question points towards the nature of God in regards to how faith and why evil exists if he is All Good. Your questions boil down to, how can you still believe in God despite everything that happens and if God exists then there wouldnt be so so much evil in the world.
There are tons and tons of arguments on this that are out there and pretty old. I may be wrong but i believe one argument was that he tolerates its existence to test mankind. Not to say he doesnt abhor it.
On the matter of faith, there is no way to deconstruct it logocally. Faith is believing just because!

just because no one wants to face the reality that they might be nothing beyond the lives we live today

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thats as good a reason as any

hapo ni ukweli

However bad or good this life is, I know it is the only one.

Strangely enough I believe there is a multiverse or multiple realities. I believe there is an infinite number of realities and infinite versions of Nairobilay. In one of them @Purr_27 is my chic!

I have said before that there can be never a perfectly good god with any kid of pain or suffering in existence. It simply doesnt work. Secondly, there is nothing like omnipotency because can an omnipotent god make a stone so heavy that he can never lift?

Funny you say this, because I just came across something:

“Some scholars maintain that Plantinga has rejected the idea of an omnipotent God because he claims there are some things God cannot do—namely, logically impossible things. Plantinga, however, doesn’t take God’s omnipotence to include the power to do the logically impossible. He reasons as follows. Can God create a round square? Can he make 2 + 2 = 5? Can he create a stick that is not as long as itself? Can he make contradictory statements true? Can he make a rock so big he can’t lift it? In response to each of these questions, Plantinga’s answer is “No.” Each of the scenarios depicted in these questions is impossible: the objects or events in question couldn’t possibly exist. Omnipotence, according to Plantinga, is the power to do anything that is logically possible. The fact that God cannot do the logically impossible is not, Plantinga claims, a genuine limitation of God’s power. He would urge those uncomfortable with the idea of limitations on God’s power to think carefully about the absurd implications of a God who can do the logically impossible. If you think God really can make a round square, Plantinga would like to know what such a shape would look like. If God can make 2 + 2 = 5, then what would 2 + 3 equal? If God can make a rock so big that he can’t lift it, exactly how big would that rock be? What Plantinga would really like to see is a stick that is not as long as itself. Each of these things seems to be absolutely, positively impossible.”

from http://www.iep.utm.edu/evil-log/#H5

There you go. Ustake jua venye @Purr_27 anakanyaga juu ya hewa saa hii from inside her heart.

Plantinga has effectively argued for an atheist position. Look for Plantinga defeater thesis and see what kind of a fallacies plantinga puts forth.

I’m thinking of all this in terms of places like China. Or even before the missionaries came here. Those people who God created and never allowed them to hear his word, doesn’t it mean he created them condemned? Or even you and I, who have heard the word even gotten baptised. Why create us in love then also create an eternal fire for us. Is it not easier to create no fire in the first place and no ability to fault in the first place. He is able to do anything after all.
Do you give birth to a child and also go on a task to create a lethal weapon to potentially make them suffer in the future at the same time? Do you love them then?
PS. I’m a baptised Christian struggling with these thoughts sometimes.

I used to be an atheist myself, i used to mock God and abuse Him because of hardships and other tribulations of life, but i discovered the comfort His word brought me, not human comfort but spiritual comfort and wisdom to understand life and beyond.
Here is what i say to those who still dont believe in God ’ It is better to believe in God and die to find that He doesnt exist than to live life not believing and when you die you find out He does exist ’
But for me i dont believe because of the fear of the unknown, i believe because i have faith…ni hayo tu …

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Some of us were baptised too. kwanza mimi nilikuwa catechist. lakini nadhani ilikuwa utoto.

I have heard that before, but it could translate into anything. I can argue that people should worship some kind of a devil because it could be that on the other side, its the devil who calls the shots. And I have some support. look at the world today. Does it look like a god’s project???

@Ingia what is happening in the world today is not because of God’s doing but because of man’s sinful nature, am talking in relation to the hatred between humans which leads to chaos and wars and unnecessary bloodshed

Its all “god”'s chessboard. On assumption that there is a god

So why doesnt god do something sensible about it today…not send someone 2000yrs ago…the world has changed since…I’m sure if he were to appear to day in mt sinai and the whole thing independently verified and filmed most atheist and people of other faiths would bow and worship him…and that would eradicate most of the problems in the world today…isnt that what christianity strives to achieve?

Uko na mambo. . u know that u find attractive in me is Gods gift . .

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