On Telekom And Portland Scandals: GoK Is All A Wash-Wash Operation

This is how it worked out:

1. Telekom

Uhuru people mostly kikuyus sell Telkom to their UK friends at 6B…

Helios sells 60 percent stake in Telkom Kenya, now entirely state-owned

Ruto and his people come in to declare the sale illegal. They then hastily form a company in Dubai. Within 1 year of existence, the company bought Telekom at 6B.

2. Portland Cement land.

The Athi River-based cement processor has begun producing its own clinker, the main material used to grind cement, following a replacement of part of its kiln shell that had been dilapidated for years

Pass privatization bill in parliament. Form a company in Dubai with interest in Portland cement then push judges to rule on a land dispute which has been pending in court for 12 years. Mobilize GSU and government machinery to evict people. Now you have huge tracks of land around Portland. Bring the Dubai firm to buy the cement factory but get the surrounding lands for free.

The next stage is to sell the land at an overpriced fee to the government for affordable housing…

  1. Go to the Kirimas and tell them "We can help you win the 15-year land case but only if you play along with us… ". The Kirimas accept to sell the land to them at the lowest price if the judgment is made in their favor.



Buy the land from Kirimas then sell it exorbitantly to the government for a housing scheme…

Who is fooling who?


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