On-spot traffic fines to start in 30 days

Paying a fine on the spot is not necessarily an admission of guilt. You can choose to fight( and probably loose) your case in court. Or pay on the spot and go your way.

I thought they’ve been in existence for a long time. I know routes where matatu crew part with 50-100 Bob per trip so that the cops “don’t see” how overloaded they are

In Tz they have the ticket machine… They should introduce that here…

Failing to follow verbal instructions of a police in uniform yeye ni witness , prosecutor na judge, your guess is as good as mine .

Ngoja uone wakifukuzwa kama burukenge na raia kutoka kwa barabara. Unakubuka vile ntsa ilifukuzwa chaka na raia :D:D. What happens is matatu guys overcharge so that they can get money to pay traffic police. If police become strict, matatu fail to operate and raia sends them away.

Wrong. Paying IS an admission of guilt. If you won’t pay, be sure to appear in Court to fight the charge.

Not necessarily. There’s a third plea called no contest. You don’t admit guilt, but are at the mercies of the court. And there is no case to find you guilty.

Well, this is Kenya. There are only four possible pleas for criminal charges:-

  1. guilty.
  2. not guilty.
  3. autrefois convict.
    4 autrefois acquit.


You don’t pay the cop.
The cop follows a guideline where say you were doing a speed of 100 in an 80 zone, the fine by law is ksh2,000 he writes you a ticket of 2000 and you pay within 14 days. You know your damage and you don’t have to bribe the cop since spending a night in the cell is out of question. And if you think he is wrong, you have the option to go to court after 14 days where the judge will see if the fine was fitting.
The best thing to beat roadside corruption

Its a good move. But a cop will just tell you give me 1 k and you walk. Unless it automatically prints your speed and a ticket when he Stops you. Another way to fight corruption is to demand a quota from the cops eg everyday cite 100 speeders.

This is where your fight for corruption is put to the test. Is it just lip service ama you really want it done and you are willing to do your part.
Trust me quotas are bad, very bad. Where I am it’s a big debate with the local police denying it but everybody knows it. There are traffic camera watchers who note the speed cameras and warn others by placing signs before you get to the camera. At one time the cops were demanding high pay and they would park cars near the traffic cameras with strobe lights on to warn speeding motorists, showing they are just cash cows

Those warnings can only work if the cops stay predictable. The cops in the US discovered this and beat this. One of the GPS apps has users inputing police locations as they drive in real time. So incoming drivers know where a cop is hiding. But the speed cops simply move around. You cannot quite pinpoint their location.
This is even before banning the gps from giving locations.