On-spot traffic fines to start in 30 days

The government will start imposing instant fines on minor traffic offences in the next 30 days, Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i said on Wednesday.
Dr Matiang’i said the rules would enhance convenience in the judicial process and reduce the number of inmates in prisons.
“There are currently 6,000 to 7,000 people on remand for traffic offences and each of them may be consuming Sh6,000 which to me does not make economic sense,” Dr Matiang’i said.
The CS announced that together with his counterparts; Joe Mucheru (ICT) and James Macharia (Transport and Infrastructure), they had formed a taskforce that will come up with the best framework for implementing the new rules.
The taskforce, which will be chaired by principal secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Esther Koimett, will lead consultations with the Judiciary, the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA), and the offices of the Attorney-General and Solicitor-General to see to it that the new regulations take effect as planned.
“These rules make economic sense since most of the traffic offenders held in remand end up paying fines less than the amount the government spends to sustain them,” Dr Matiang’i said at the Kenya School of Government where he officiated the opening of the Inspector-General’s Conference
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It’d interesting to see how the government will implement it.

Yaani yule yule sanse awe judge, jury and executioner?

Kitunguu .

I was there before, lakini wakaamua kula mingi, let’s see how they’ll implement it.

So will they force everyone to pay ksh3000 to get the Digital license? If yes ferk that shit. Just paid the other day for a 3 year renewal. The update of the DL should be free or at most cost ksh 500.Thats how much it takes to produce a Digital card. Serikali ni wezi tu.

Watu wa Judiciary and the Courts wataumia if all money is eaten on the road by the cops. They had a very nice system of eating traffic cash that includes magistrates

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Chesa chini but who will afford instant fines

muteso niaje

muteso niaje

Macho ya uhuru ingeona mbali zaidi ya kamnyweso angejua there is a large pool of funds from fines garnered from traffic offenses . From overlapping to not indicating when changing lanes to safetybelts to cutting people off roads to failing to stop at stop signs …i mean the list is endless si mambo ya vat hapa . But yeye na ğasufa wanawaga ‘you guy my guy’

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Yaani munabomoa kabati kwa usi ya traffic fines

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