On Risper Faith: Warning In Advance.....

“I never had any surgery on my nyash. It’s real lol!” entrepreneur Risper Faith has said. https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tce/1/16/1f600.png
“Kindly stop DMing me that I am next,” she added. https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t52/1/16/1f923.png


Risper revealed that she previously underwent liposuction, a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat from her stomach after she gave birth.
This comes after socialite Vera Sidika stated that she underwent butt surgery to remove implants.


“Ukiona mtu ni mzuri sana, mdomo ni mafuta, chunga. Nilianza kuona kwa wedding ground
kwamba nilichodhani ndicho sicho but singetoka immediately,”
Actress Kawira Joy speaks about leaving her marriage after six years.


“Mimi nilifanya holy matrimony for reel. Sikwenda kulala huko kabla ya ndoa. I wish I did that.
I was a virgin. He was violent and he was a pastor.”

“Kanisa inapoteza watu kwa sababu unaitwa na kanisa kucounsel wanandoa na ndoa yako inazama. Lazima uwaambie watu marriage works. Niliweka picha ya ‘couple goals’. I wish I came out earlier. Saa hii niko na peace hata siwezi kueleza,” Kawira told Massawe Japanni.

Nani kama mama:

Musician Nicah the Queen spends time with her mother in Western Kenyan and proudly calls herself ‘Luhya babe’. https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tea/1/16/1f970.png
“May God keep mama for me, to enjoy my success. The village is always vibes,” Nicah wrote.

Kwani Kawira amezeeka aje jameni? She was a young girl just the other day acting alongside the late Papa Shirandula

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This is a Mathematical absurdity that only Venezuelan plumbers might entertain.
Even the lady has a 0.001% margin of error on her behinds! :D:D:D



Vera Sidika’s Booty Removal Surgery was just Clout chasing, instead of the surgery Vera has released a Music Video.
Her Booty is still as fat and fake as before…


A throwback photo of Vera Sidika with Butita

Grand P turned a year older yesterday. …

“Happy birthday my baby love Grand P, one more year is a grace of God,”
plus-size Ivorian model Eudoxie Yao celebrates her lover, musician Grand P, on his birthday.
“May the good God always remember you throughout your life?
Stay happy and blessed. I wish only the best for you, your family, your manager, and everyone you carry in your heart,” she said.

The Enemy is indeed poverty… :smiley:

Jackline Kaimenyi says she met her Soulmate, a white, in Malindi during a working tour.
The one-week vacation away from work not only refreshed Jackie’s mind, but it also helped her locate her rib.
The two lovebirds have been in love for three weeks now, with plans to pay dowry already underway.

@TrumanCapote kuja uone your students…kaimenyi si ni faite kama wewe…kumbe na kashida kanatoka uku kwa muguka chewing zones

No Bra Day!


Today, the world observes No Bra Day, a day where women are encouraged to forgo wearing bra to encourage breast cancer awareness.

“Support fight against breast cancer,” former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has urged.

Leo ilikua siku ya kutembea free. https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t53/1/16/1f605.png

[I]Omanga was among the front campaigners of the Kenya Kwanza government in the recently concluded general election.

Which position should the well-endowed leader serve in President Ruto’s government? [/I]


“Nina pesa Mungu amenibariki, nawezaweka mwanaume lakini sitaki,” gospel singer Justina Syokau now says.


[I]The singer told Mwende Macharia that she receives many requests in her DM from young men who would like to put up with her but she isn’t interested.

"Here in Nairobi, we come to work. You either work hard or go home. I want a hardworking man, someone who can put something on the table. Vijana wanasema ooh, sina pesa but niko sawa kitandani, kwani mimi ndio wa bure…he s… [/I]