On Kithure Kindiki and Mud-Wall Classrooms

The other side of the story.


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@Coldplisner come kiasi

Building mud houses in the age is just bonkers. But I’m surprised Otiende Amolo has not been receiving backlash like Kindiki, yet his Twitter timeline is flooded with pictures of him building mud houses.

That said, Kibra MP Okoth is doing well. His predecessor, Mzee Kitendawili, set a very low bar and I don’t think anyone with can go lower than that.
But I would like to see many small projects spread out in the constituency, not one mega project. I’m sure that tuition block he built cost tens of millions. That CDF money would have been better used to increase capacity in 20 schools not just one… My opinion.

hio ni PR

still, mud walled classrooms hata kama ni temporary…

How politics can change a man.

Cdf is illegal

Using mud to build homes and school is not bad. It just needs to be modernized.

Mud house in Ghana


Mud house in India


Here’s an example of a mud house in Japan


A mud-walled classroom is better than no classroom at all…

Mud or timber, which is better?

No one is against using mud but currently we have better technology and knowledge to make better walls rather than using raw mud.

machine ya Makiga ni 90k pekee. Atleast aeke simiti kidogo kwa hio matope

Na hii 90k pekee inaweza nunua bricks ngapi?

Its good to have the machine, inaeza tumika kujenga shule zingine. Na vijana wachape matofali.