On Few Bonobos can comprehend Gouglas Gasking's Argument why God does not exist

  1. The creation of the world is the most marvelous achievement imaginable.

  2. The merit of an achievement is the product of (a) its intrinsic quality, and (b) the ability of its creator.

  3. The greater the disability (or handicap) of the creator, the more impressive the achievement.

  4. The most formidable handicap for a creator would be non-existence.

  5. Therefore if we suppose that the universe is the product of an existent creator we can conceive a greater being namely, one who created everything while not existing.

  6. An existing God therefore would not be a being greater than which a greater cannot be conceived because an even more formidable and incredible creator would be a God which did not exist.

  7. Therefore, God does not exist.

Why have religions fought over the years. The crusaders, the Muslims, The Jews etc. Don’t we all serve the same God?.
They all believed “their” God was more superior. As man evolves he gets a better understanding of his universe. Elon Musk was asked if there’s a God, he replied, we all agree there’s a super human power behind the creation of the universe, can’t be a coincidence, and I guess you call him God.

People fight over resources and control others. Nothing else. The resource-control duopoly will never end

No. 4 ni arbitrary - therefore rendering the entire argument shit.

Hajui logic…arudi philosophy 101

His conclusion however I agree…his way there sio logic

From step 1 assumptions…hakuna logic to get to step 2…he makes more assumptions…nimewaachia hapo…no brain detected…

OP na hiyo jamaa are the only bonobos here clealy…

Eg. Simple sample…

  1. If god is all powerful, can he create a stone he cannot lift?

Conclusion. If he can’t create what he cannot lift… he aint all powerful…and if he creates it…he can’t lift it…again not all powerful…so he is not all powerful

Bro, take your time and internalise his argument. It’s not so straight forward. Infer the meaning from an ontological perspective

Approach number 4 critically. Let me help you make sense of no. 4. Suppose God had presented himself physically. Don’t you think he powers would have been called into question. By remaining unavailable it denies humans the avenue to see through him. In short, a physical being the will never be powerful than an "absent’’ one.

If his name was Prof. Wephukulu James Oteyo hata hungepost.

I would. The problem is Africa we have never developed few theories or school of thoughts.

Mtaishi kujaribu kudisapprove theories za your colonizers wenye waliwagawia knowlodge kidogo muoshe ubonobo…You will die trying