On custom talkers titles

@Motokubwa is a known traitor.He drinks and dines with those who have committed attrocities to his people.
@Electronics4u goes ahead and add the following title to his handle.


This amount to insults to those who deserve the titles.@motokubwa is a desdedant of homeguards/mzungu asskissers.
So @Electronics4u you need to give such titles to those who deserve it, even though you and the subject do not differ.Mnaweza uza watoto wenu for your cup to remain full to the brim

Tunajua unataka customized handle inasema bottom driller

Mwambie aache campaign za back door,aseme tu apewe title ya sewage operator tumekubali

Atleast bottom driller or Sewage operator can be associated to me.
Lakini @Motokubwa is a traitor,a betrayer,a sell out,muthiganii then they give him such title.
Lets endevour to.retain sanctity of some words

Mimi hata sijui yangu walinipa kwa nini.

Si ni wewe uliweka request?

No request was made. I suspect it’s because I have said that I haven’t had sex in 5 years.


Weka evidence hapa mkubwa. We want receipts

Yes. Niwekee Village Peasant

:smiley: nilisema hii mtaa ma mods ni wengi. Sio wanne.

@Electronics4u niwekee custom title bbc warrior

WALIFURUSWA ni nini @Motokubwa? umeanza kuongea kama mkamba illiterate homosexual mtoto wa malaya @PHARMACY

Custom or not, content is King

Tiga waanaa,title ya kitu gani tosheka na hiyo yako

Hii jamaa apewe title ya back ward mechanic because he likes to play in the dirt

:D:D Perfect, unintentional, but perfect comment.

I had asked him to give me title ya “Sewer rattler” akakataa

I liked Nefertities more.Bring it back and bring tities evidence along. @kanguthu got none

She left that handle because makena got personal by harassing her all the time