On Boris Johnson, I got this statistics straight outta UK

Italian media have reported that he needs oxygen …put on the ventilator

In the UK, patients who get to the level of being put on the ventilator have a 30% chance of surviving the virus

its dire guys

Weuh!!! His condition is getting worse every hour.
Alafu Boris akona asthma.

Alafu katika hio panic,B£ slumped against the US$, how does that happen or whats the correlation? Watu ya money market chanueni mimi priss

mkia ya mSomali ngapi

Inaitwa correlation vs causality

Iko shida

Rafiki yangu lala,wachia sisi vijana uwanja

Kwa lugha ya kijiji…

Survival from ventilator is at 75-85%.

I am giving you a statistic from the floors of hospitals in the UK …ukigoogle serious stuff yet unashindanga xvideos na xhamsters dont be too confident with your findings

i find you a very foolish horrible mammal


Nini imehappe

Hehehe Duale samehea this sad excuse of a man

Nili google. Here’s One that says 70%. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.physiciansweekly.com/mortality-rate-of-covid-19-patients-on-ventilators/amp/

Huyu muzeee wont make it. Covid sio muchezo bwana

huyu Boris nikama atanyuria

Boris akienda expect Gathecha to declare a total lockdown for 5 years akiwa amekunja mkia sana na makende imerudi kwa tumbo:D:D

If he dies , it will be “Murder Most Foul”

Huyu akienda, African elite will start shitting in their pant. At the moment, they don’t have anywhere to run to, for they can’t just board a plane and go for treatment aboard.

If covid gets u kwa icu jua 95% of your lungs are ravaged. Hapo its when not if you will die