On being a Negro

There is something very safe about being a Negro, in a way because you can blame anything that happens to you on it. And this is the worst thing about being a Negro - quite apart now from hate crimes, systemic racism, micro-aggressions, etc. etc. The worst thing about it is at one point somewhere in yourself you have to realise that, “Alright you are a NEGRO and this is all true - but before that you are a MAN and your life is in your hands.” You are responsible for what happens to you. You cannot blame anybody for it. There is no point. There is no one to blame.


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Wacha kuleta shida za US hapa Kenya. Hapa Muranga people dont know hii negro unasema ni nini.


Jamaa rudi kwenu ugenya uache kubebwa kama nogwe huko united states of apartheid. Pale ugenya kwenu utaitwa bazenga Bora uko na kakitu. US of Apartheid as long as you shine black kama zile MBUta za migingo you are a nigga