On baby pendo and the shithole called Kenya

The mother of Samantha Pendo, the six-month-old girl who was brutally killed by police last August, Monday broke down in tears as she testified during an inquest into the death.

Ms Lencer Achieng’ cried as she narrated how eight heavily armed police officers lobbed tear gas into her one-room house in Nyalenda Estate in Kisumu, barged in and descended on her husband with blows.

“They started beating my husband,” a forlorn Ms Achieng, who wore a grey dress, told resident magistrate Beryl Omollo as she wiped away tears.

“I tried to get out of the house because it was full of tear gas and we were choking. I was carrying my baby but just at the door, the officers started hitting me too.”


The magistrate adjourned the inquest for a few minutes to allow Ms Achieng’ to calm down and compose herself.
The infant sustained a crack in the skull from a blow to the head and stayed in a comma for three days as doctors scrambled to save her life.

Ms Achieng’ said she pleaded with the police, who she described as tall, dark and slim, to have mercy on her as she was carrying a baby but they would hear none of it hitting her repeatedly with blows and kicks.

Then one of the officers hit the infant on the head with a club, sending her screaming and foaming at the mouth as the head became swollen.

can alshabab come and bomb all these shit cops.

How will that help?

They will be dead. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

We have been there before but no one spoke because it was us not you.

Whoever killed this kid, may God Himself forgive you. But may you face the most severe punishment reserved for man on earth.

So a cop would ignore a baby crying??

Teargas is, on the other hand, is very lethal to babies. It causes them to asphyxiate. If they don’t get medical attention in time they’ll die.

Ignore or clobbered the baby on the head???hawa si watu. these are fuckin retards.

Zuma in his resignation speech, “No person should lose his life because of me.”

Mzee, “Constitution my foot… I’m ready to rule from exile… We are ready to die for electoral justice…” etc…

Mama Pendo should be very angry with Mzee for the violence conditions he creates every 5th year. I hope God will have mercy on Mama Pendo and prevent Raila from vying in 2022.

It goes without saying that Mzee’s first foreign trip as ‘people’s president’ is a funeral. Get ready for his coffin salute anytime today.

Are you out of your fucking mind? Are you justifying cops bludgeoning a 6 month to death because of Raila. God damn you to hell. Is this what Uhuru has done to you people? Anyway, endelea with the sycophancy meanwhile one coffin after the other is arriving from Middle East of dead Kiyuk youths killed after slavery ,who cant find work in Kenya because of your drunkard thief god UhuRuto is stealing everything . You are so stupid. Im blocking you.

The alternative angle.
Hooligans are out in the streets barricading roads with burning tyres and harrasing motorists.
Police turn up to quell the situation and the hooligans pelt them with rocks and all other manner of projectiles as they retreat.
Pushed back, the thugs run back to the safety of the residential areas with police in pursuit.
Police storm a building where many of them have escaped into and start flushing them out door to door.
They lob teargas inside one house where one very particularly violent thug has taken refuge.
They nab him and you don’t expect the frustrated and angry cops to sit down with him and engage in niceties over a cup of tea.
The mother attempts to run out of the tear gassed house with the baby in her arms and since she can’t clearly bumps the baby’s head on the door frame or something else hard.
Naturally the police get all the blame.
You are entitled to your opinion but you all know how these rioters behave.

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It’s her other handle.

cops are almost like a basic need in this country …can you imagine if those hooligans had a field day looting stoning cars and robbing …yeah chukia police as much as you want but they are the only people standing between us and anarchy on the streets … and lets use common sense here why would a police officer “deliberately” kill a baby and spare a full grown hooligan …that was an accident period …it called collateral damage cause by the violence of raila goons

and as always, stupid people are everywhere. So if Raila is the problem, how come the cops have not clobbered, or arrested Rao yet they know his residence??? then they clobbered a 6 month old baby??? am afraid for your offspring’s. you might even rape them. Yes baby pendos mother should be angry, very angry she was home with her baby, the stupid uhuru sent stupid cops to clobber her baby. right in there home.

I am actually happy that we have a chance to interrogate the truth. I can’t wrap my head on how a person can clobber an infant to death.

shikoti is the MVP of shithole

That was no accident. they saw her, he was behind her. no justification

Who’s easier to clobber, a big mother or a tiny infant?
At times let’s stop over dramatizing some issues.
Like you rightly say, this was most likely an accident, but there are some who will stop at nothing to milk it dry over political capital.

Deduce what you want from my comment. But Baby Pendo would be alive today if your baba obeyed the constitution he pretends to have fought for. Actually, in terms of people killed in his name, Raila goes head to head with Idi Amin. He enjoys it and loves attending their funerals… Not to console but to incite for more deaths.
Meanwhile, I’m shivering at the thought of you blocking me.