On 2022, GADO, Arap Mashamba, And The Vitandawili Doctor, etc....

Q. 1.

A Woman was driving a Toyota Ditz car. She mistakenly hit a BMW car.
The lady came out from her BMW, insulting the other lady for not being careful, demanding that she repairs her BMW

The Toyota Ditz Woman called her husband, he replied -
“I am very busy, can you please try fix up the matter by yourself”

The BMW lady called her Boyfriend and said -
“Sweetheart someone just hit the Birthday Gift you gave me, I am so angry can you please come over and help sort out the situation.”

Few minutes later her Boyfriend arrives. He is also the Husband to the lady with the Toyota Ditz.

Discuss the possible legal consequences for all the 3 parties involved with respect to the following:

a) What is the best legal course of action for parties involved (10 Marks)
b) What are the moral considerations that might arise in this case (10 Marks)
c) What is the historical, cultural precedence for your legal reference (10 Marks)

Q. 2.




Winning ticket is watermelon, munya, lighter duties, and arror himself.

No young vibrant leader can crop up to lead the country

Raira hawezi wacha hio competition ?