When setting up residence the first thing they think about is a big-ass TV and accompanying music system.

Instead of shelves full of books which can be got for much cheaper. And definitely more useful.

Just another one of Negroes’ problems

he he … they also become surprised when they find you still buy books and read… read??? how can you be reading after you have already left school and you are not doing exams anymore ???

Its due to the frustrations we went thru under 8.4.4 system.

kila mtu hawezi kuwa na same interests.

Lazima tuone tv ya 96" 12K na sound system noma

surround system ya bravia apana taka macheso, kwanza niki watch arsenal ikitesa wanaume kwa kiwanja penda sana.

Bravia gani exact? I’m shopping

Kinyozi @Tom Bayeye Otieno alinunua hii after kunyoa makende kama elfu mbili hapo Ruaka karibu na stage.

But at looking at the dust on the thing it’s as if he has outgrown that phase.


Africans since time immemorial have had a tendency to gravitate towards shiny useless stuff like mirrors, radios, spoons, bicycles etc. Hata wazungu wakiorganise conferences mahali popote na waafrika are invited, they make sure that copious amounts of alcohol, prostitutes, and fatty food is served to Africans on the eve of far reaching resolutions ndio kwa conference hall waafrika won’t be paying attention to thw resolutiona being made since bado wako na hangover ya the previous night. Kila kitu wanaweka tick to get done with it ndio waende walale wakingojea their flight home. Else what would explain the fucked up resolutions against Africa that are often a product of conferences and seminars attended by Africa’s best? Wasee wanakuwanga wamelewa resolutions zikipitishwa.

My old man opposed my upcountry house plan and suggested I change the direction of the main door in relation to the compound. He did not elaborate but I later on learnt that a pukusu man must be buried mbele ya nyumba and where my door was facing was towards the fence with no enough space hapo mbele. I complied.

:D:D:D good observation.

But ni time ndio hakuna, some years ago, I enjoyed reading, I’d wake up at one in the morning just to read a nice book, nilikuwa mbachera.

Hehe, i got married nkawa sisomi sasa ni telly, series, movies na movie za Dj afro :D:D. Joto ya marriage ilinitupisha mbao kiasi :smiley:

Nilishindwa kunyonga na kitabu ya porno

Hii signal yake si inatoka outer space.

yenyewe here you need a clip

Naona wewe ni bonobo nugu imetoka msitu recently. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Hii ya @Tom Bayeye inashika station zote hadi za Russia. :D:D:D

Ni zile za late 80s. Unanunua shelf mzima ya kuweka the separate units.

Lakini ako na kengine kadogo huwa anatembea nako juu sasa amezeeka na hataki makelele mingi aki relask. Hako hapo nyuma ya drinks :


matusi ya nini kaka sungura

Why would you have your main entrance door facing the fence my nigger …

Sikutaki @Sidindi Bey , hunitombi ng’o

Hii set up ni ya real billionaire.