Omwafrika waiting for mzungu to fight for him



Bonobo ni Bonobo, wacha bonobo anyanyaswe

fVCK France. I hope Moscow would nuke Paris

Alafu Africans were besides themselves with pride when the French football team in the world cup had 10 out of eleven black players from those exploited African countries.

Generally, no other country will fight france for Africans, we need to get out of this (AID) mentality of expecting help from others.

Next …

Why is it that the Italian PM can blast French Africa exploitation and no African leader can do the same while they all know about it ?

Ndio maana Mali and CAR are rabidly anti french. And thoroughly pro you-know-who.

:zap:West’s Colonial Blundering Failing - Putin

"They got used to receiving resources for free. They based their economy on slave labor, Europe used to plunder and steal from everyone else.

“What we’re seeing now is colonial blundering again, but they’re failing.”

Italian pm anajaribu kuchanua bonobo.

In the era of the strong and the weak, only the powerful can occupy the limited number of seats at the top of the pyramid.

i ask why hitler didnt capture france and burn it all down to the ground.

Wacha nyeuthi wapigwe stick.