Omosh's first wife asks Kenyans to build her a house too

Judy Wachuka, alias Mrs Ngatia who the first wife of popular actor Omosh Kizangila, has now appealed to Kenyans to build her a house.

Mrs Ngatia claims Omosh’s 2nd wife has taken over the 3-bedroom house wellwishers gave him.

“My landlords used to see us on TV and would not believe that we could not pay rent. One time, I used to stay in Umoja but was thrown out by the landlord saying my husband has a big name,” she divulged.

Mrs Ngatia added that the situation was so embrassing that she would wear a buibui in public to avoid getting noticed.

On his part, Omosh acknowleged that in deed his first wife needed a house to move into and avoid paying rent.

“Luck fell on my second wife but my dream is to also build my first wife a house. If we can get money, there is land where a house can be built for her. Before I die, she will have a house,” Omosh vowed.

there are people literaly dying of hunger and disease at home and this one wants a charity house??

Lakini huyu omosh is full of jokes. why would any sane man want to have two wives. having one is headache enough.

I think they’re trolling.

sidhani, nimeona hiyo 32 minute video

Ndio nashangaa pia mimi

kazi sasa imekua kujengea watu makeja sisi tukiishi kwa slum. hii ni upuzi. they want us to accord them luxuries that we ourselves dont enjoy

Just male actors from tahidi high, what a shame

entitlement is a disease.

People who feel they are owed simply because they’re nice enough to grace us with their presence

Kama Kanairo imemshinda arudi tu ocha roho safi bila kusumbua.

Like someone said up their, they must be trolling…

Is this woman a kyuk? Hao hawangojeangi
garagaria kama hio Kinuthia yenye haina akili…

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ktalkers tujengee @Old Monk nyumba , anaumia


Ulipata girlfriend?


Nikiambia elders wawachane na mabibi wawili hamsikii. Kama hauna pesa ya ku sustain two wives abort the mission. Enda SJ tolewa joto. Cheap, no drama. Plus unakula vitu premium