Omar Lali:Beach Boy Extraordinaire

Police at the Lamu police station have said that they have never had such a popular suspect in the history of the island. Mr. Lali has had over 26 ladies visiting him to bring him food over the past 6 days he has been in custody. The police are not complaining as Mr. Lali shares the food his lady fans bring him with the police and they say they will willing hold him longer than the 21 days happily to continue enjoying the delicious food and prescence his bevy of beauties bring to the dreary police station. Ladies have been coming to pray for Mr. Lali across the religious divide. The police station has become a beehive of visitors of the fairer sex since Mr. Lalis arrival after unfortunate circumstances of the death of his fiancee the late Tecra Mungai. MTLRHSIEP.

@Masood mswazi anatesa.

@TrumanCapote I told you it can be finger licking good if you stop kichwa ngumu.

Your bar Kangata amefinya Murkomen na Kihika mpaka wanalia. Kweli dunia gunia.

Hii ni gutter press news… since when did police give such info to the press.

I also feel bad for him. If he didn’t kill her. Why isn’t he on bond and not behind those cell bars?

Its like the family is just punishing him.

If you weren’t so vehemently against beards I’d think you are jealous!

If the story is true then that mzee is a true alpha male. :D:D:D

Doshi, chuma ya nguvu

May be the guy is using @uwesmake prescriptions while setting standards that no any beta male will ever achieve.

Obituary hakuwa mentioned

The family asked for him to be released but DCI declined to until investigations are over.

Yes. Unlike these ones here who live, eat and drink mgtow and red peel but today if they were in jail, even their own mother may not visit them. I am willing to bet my appendix that this man has never even heard of red peel. This man is a white knight and that’s why inspite of being in jail bcz of a woman, women are flocking there. What I know about the women from the area is that they are very kind. And if you bail them out they never forget your kindness. I guess he has helped not just Tecra. I am sure he will be free soon. Hopefully his time behind bars will encourage him to change his life for the better.

I love older people. Age brings out the best in most people. However beards are not my thing.

I doubt the mzee is a white knight. The mzee is a bad boy type who has kamuad all those women. From all these stories we have not heard about this mzee ever marrying anyone.
Some of these women like him because he provide excitement to their lives while others think they will be able to tame him.

White knight does not mean marriage. How did he meet Tecra the late? She was unable to pay her hotel bill and he helped her. How many people leave alone Beach Boys do you know who will do that? You are on holiday and they are working hard then you are unable to pay the bill for your holiday and they help you. Majority will mock you and laugh at you. This man has a heart of gold. Kori Karue was a fuck boy and when he was incarcerated none of his baby mommas came to see him. Not one. FYI he’s been married 4 times to white women, the problem was his unwillingness to relocate to Europe.