Omanyala in Oregon


Heat 7.

  1. Sani Brown 9.98
  2. Nketia 10.08
  3. Omanyala 10.10

He is Bleck. You shouldn’t be praising him.

You don’t Do Blecks.

Si kujaribu…ni timing. He only needed to finish in the top 3 positions to automatically qualify for semis. Mchujo tu, hata ukishinda unatoshana na position 3 coz you have all qualified. He also arrived just 2 hours to the race with all the fatigue and Visa issues. Fred Kerley alishinda heat yake na 9.79s…itakuwa noma.

Dude, stop undermining our village SPONSOR.

Tunamuombea. I was really scared about visa but considering the challenges he’s really tried. It’s long since I’ve felt affinity for an athlete but this one kuna vile he’s won the hearts of Kenyans. I got updates on a WhatsApp group I’m on. So you can see it is very important to Kenyans.

True, other kenyans were equally impressive.
Our golden girl Faith Kipyegon qualified for semi final after she effortlessly won her heat. Leonard Bett, A Kibiwott and Conseslus Kipruto qualified for 3000m steeplechase final. Benjamin Kigen failed as he stumbled at the last water jump while in position 2 to finish 7th.

Why did usa intentionally give him visa the last day before match? Real assholes

Kenyan officials submitted names of people who were not athletes. I hear they paid up to ksh 2m each.

Yes we pray. It will be his biggest test. And from the look of things, he will need a flawless execution.

Yes will be a very tough race. I can see here he times the clock to get a quick start. He will need that plus some serious gas. Treyvon Bromell and Christian Coleman are a bigger threat than Kirley. If Omanyala gets at least three, the government should buy him a house in Runda.

Who are these? What is wrong with Kenyans surely? We put people on the list and delay the real participants I hope Baba will finish this stupidity once and for all.

Omanyala, 10:14 eliminated in the semi-finals…soooo sad.

Unfortunately. But it was his first real test. Hopefully he regroups soon.

He was eliminated the same way @ last years olympics, …infact he posted a faster time then(breaking national record) when he was still inexperienced. But now, factor the delay, flight fatigue, discouragement and the squeezed schedules that allow a very short recovery time. Imagine yesterday alikimbia heats straight from home. Leo semis, and just 1 & half hours later, those who qualified ran the final race where Fred Kerley won gold at 9.86s (hii kwa omanyala ingekuwa rahisi tu).
Anyway tunajua atafanya mambo kwa commonwealth games in a few weeks.

I agree with the team mismanagement affecting him. But Micheal Johnson said, don’t focus on times, but the race. Otherwise 9.86 may look luckluster but the tension in that race reduces all athletes speed.