Omanga, Women Rep Nairobi

2 more constituencies in Nairobi have not submitted results 24hrs later

Of great interest is Embakasi

Omanga will close in the 21k votes difference

Take that to your teller

shebesh halali

Shebesh amefanyia women wa Nairobi nini?
Hana maana!

Shebesh hasn’t done much …but she’ll still win…she’s popular to wanainchi

Shebesh has already been declared the winner unless you have reverted to also using ‘police scanners’.

Because of receiving honorary slaps from both Senator and Governor in a short term ama? I hate the moral of this lady, she aint a role model to the female species, the track record is extinct, never heard of anything amefanya, me as mwananchi namjulia tabia mbaya tu, yeye na Mily walker ni unyangau tu ndo twa wajulia

Yes, bad publicity got her the seat back…even when the voter doesn’t know what exactly she does. You just strike out the familiar name on the ballot paper

hehehehhe that the Kenyan way, she will thwart Pasaris, she needs a tough one like ONGORO

Hi Son, why so much bile? shida ni nini haswa? ulijaribu ku vie for the Women Rep ukakatazwa ama?

Passaris ndani ndaani ndaaani!!!

Wewe mwanaume, shida na kazi za wanawake utajua aje…