Olympics Women Rugby


We are playing New Zealand. We are being whipped left,right and centre. Its already 40-0 in favour of New Zealand…
Ball possession is totally zero. These girls are only seeing the ball as it passes from NZL player to another…
How did we qualify for the Olympics if this is how we are playing. Who exactly did we defeat? Joyriders…

Oh iko 47-0 sasa…nooo 52-0 final score.



when you send soldiers to war be open-minded…they may not return and you should be ready to deal with the pain…but most importantly…[SIZE=1]you never criticise your army’s strategy while they are still on the frontline…[/SIZE]



Hence the #proudlyKenyan sign off mzee.
Bado ni wetu hata kama game yao iko chini ya chini ya mawaba boss.
Sasa wacha nione hii Women Beach Volleyball. Australia vs Costa Rica :smiley:


To get into Kenyan Olympic team all you have to do is pick a sport thats not popular in Kenya, like rowing and badminton, saa hii ungekua Rio.
Cycling inaanza na kama kawa your reporters @Gio @Mkufuu @kingolonde wako Rio
All updates will be here.


Mi hata niliwacha kuwoch, Spain pia wamelimwa kama hivyo, thats my consolation


Mbica zikam za Nyonyo zikibounce

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Even the singapore 7’s champs came a long way.

He he , didn’t they go for friendly games?
Anyway a game can always go either way.

Even Shujaa 7’s begun that way. Back in early 00, we were being beaten by teams like Namibia!


So we might just win the gold in the 2024 Olympics?



That’s sounds beautiful.


What do we expect from these women?

  1. There is no national women’s league worth talking about. So the women do not play enough competitve rugby to stay sharp.

  2. Most girls in secondary school do not have access to rugby so most of these girls start playing rugby after form 4 which is too late. If you start playing rugby late you will not be able to develop core skills like tackling and catching passes and kicking

  3. There is no sponsorship for women’s rugby

  4. KRFU does very little for women’s rugby

  5. Most of these girls spend their own money to play rugby including travel and equipment

With all these disadvantages what do you expect?

Kenya did not qualify. They went to Rio because South Africa who had qualified, decided to withdraw their team because they were considered no hopers,

Kenya is the second best team in Africa because women’s rugby is basically dead across the continent.

Some are saying that the men’s team started here in 2000 so the women will also improve. I am sorry but this is not true. At least the men’s rugby already had a league, schools rugby was vibrant, sponsors were available and KRFU was determined to develop men’s rugby.

I can guarantee you that even 20 years from now, the women will not improve much because among other things. KRFU will not be interested n helping much.

So when the 2032 Olympics comes, Kenya will still lose by 50 points to NZ


Angalau Kenya women won one game. At least they are not coming home empty handed.

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