Olympic Trials currently ongoing at Eldoret

Jubilee delivered on it pledge on resurfacing Eliud Kipchoge to have a modern tartan track for training, trials and competitions. Lets await Deputy Chief of Staff Waita to push through the 5 stadiums pledge with sports ministry by March 2017.

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Waa. Kumejaa kweli

Good work.wapi ile kundustan luomerican aone hii?

thats the best place to hold the trials…watu wa nairobi wako busy to attend the trials

Eldoret Kuna parts kama Kapsoya mat huanza ku operate saa moja asubuhi . Hawana mbio ngano inaiva shambani



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All those in attendance, have they complied with the KRA June 30th deadline to submit their tax returns? Thinking aloud
While in Nairobi…

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Is entry free ama watu wanalipa tickets?

Free entry

Mlifunga njia ya kapsoya kwa nini.

Hapo wametupa mbao
They should charge a token like maybe ksh 200 for entry. I am sure many would have paid.

That stadium and that track needs to be maintained. Maintenance costs money. The best way to pay for stadium maintenance is via gate charges. Otherwise you must use county money or tax payer money