Oliver mzungu making Kenya to trend internationally for the wrong reasons

Matiangi needs to arrest this guy for spoiling our country’s reputation. This mzungu is a real danger to the security of this country. Those Kenyans making fun of this issue. Just understand that this is not a laughing matter, our good name is rapidly going down the drain thanks to this idiot.


Ati the security of the country please
More like the security of your pssys
The country will continue as usual and even if Matiangi deports him it won’t stop this from happening.this guys talks about black man’s confidence …these are hoes and
You keep telling your ghost sisters here to never date broke niccers that means they should look for successful rich niccers A Caucasian man is actually the trophy
sasa ita kamukunji ya sister’s wako and tell them how to protect themselves from such.
good luck

Suit yourself Capotty. You always keep on advising women on this forum to seek men with money and shun the strugglers. Now you can see what your crusade has born forth. Women who sell their pussies to the highest bidder. It’s clear that majority of Kenyan women are just whores.

Jojina you seem quite convinced that these were just casual poses and no shagging took place. Unfortunately it is his word against theirs.
Ameharibu CV zao not for the country.

Georgina sometimes doesn’t engage her medulla oblongata before typing

Pussy under sieke is internal security under sieke. I did not say that you sleep with the man or even take selfies together. I myself have dated people for more than 4 years and never took a photo with them. Of course I tell women to avoid poverty penis or any other type of penis. Dating a man is not equal to sleeping with him because if you are dating a man for a period of time and then you have sex, even if you start out using protection eventually you will end up stopping using CDs. Sasa there you are risking diseases and pregnancy. So dating a man who has money does not mean that you go all the way with him. Sex is for married people only and by now you know my stand on sex outside marriage.

Let me ask you a question if you have to choose between a broke lady and a wealthy one which would you pick? Just be honest. Nobody wants a broke man especially.

I would settle for a moneyed lady but one with good character. I can’t settle for a moneyed lady who is loose

i know so many women who do these kinds of things and go around peddling pussy to their white bosses, wengine ata ni mabibi za watu. I know at least 3 former beauty pageant winners who have been chewed by one of the white guys i have worked with before. In fact i have these women’s nudes but i choose to just keep them to myself for obvious reasons. Wanawake sai ni makunguru tu aisay! kwanza ukiona dem ako na iphone latest, lol. na hana kazi yenye inaweza nunua iyo simu jua tu kuna mtu alilima mkundu simu ikanunuliwa:D

Mmmmh and you say you joined on Thursday? yeah:confused:. Anayhooooo I would just say that she is passionate in what she believes in and is fearless.
I learn a lot from her posts as I pick what I like…videos ndio nashindwa as I have small kids and putting on headphones with them around is not always possible.
I would not know of Tuko or Radio Jambo and many other social ills.

Leta ata kama ni sketch ama thermal images tutashukuru.

Every country has hoes in large numbers, even NK. So Kenya isn’t better nor worse. Upuss

Willing buyer willing seller.

Wewe makena uliharibu jina ya Kenya kitambo watu huko nje hudhani wanawake wetu ni wajinga na ugly kama wewe. You should be in jail!