Oliver Mtukudzi

Legend, RIP

There was one nice jam he did with Eric Wainaina, can’t recall the name. Eric must be in mourning!



you would be surprised ni nani :D:D:p

ni nefmatako mtoto ya ndarugo

Githurai Mambo… Godspeed to him.

wakanayama mbona unasumbua hivi?

hujalipa protection fee

May he R.I.P…I remember Neria, one of his best song.

RIP Oliver Mtukutdzi! Though departed you’ll continue living through your music

May he rest in Internal peace. He was so much of a talent with his magical music genre taking you deep into the African feel. His magical guitar notes made me buy a guitar. Lets remember some of his songs.



This song was a masterpiece. From video to poetic lyrics. He sings of his son who is grown but has gone against his ways.

Call the mother of my children, I’m hurt.
I was injured while training the ox…


I don’t understand the lyrics but i like it.

Shait …RIP Oliver…Todii my favourite will never die

And this one. Listen to the part he talks about Msando.


Go to that video comment’s you will see translation.

This song for the wonderful work he did with that guitar…


In a very quick succession we have lost Hugh masekela, Joseph kamaru and now Oliver…May they RIP
@Ice_Cube let me know when you make that trip…bulawayo is my second home.